There might be a time, in the future, that I wont be able to write. This could come from someone being better than me, or maybe I will lose my passion, as a writer. There’s a thousand things that could happen, to push me out of my future career, so I best get started looking for a new career. This is simply just for fun! Here are 10 things I would do, if I never make it as a writer!


    10. Rapper– Yeah. Your boi has some bars! I would most likely keep “Impromtdude” but would add thug to it, making the name “Impromtthug.” This rapper career would never end, and one day I would better than Eminem, Tupac, and Jay-z. I would be the best, ever!

     9. Web designer- This would be a decent career, one that would allow me to live my life as I want to. I would make my own schedules, and wouldn’t have to answer to anyone, oh I would? Dang….

8. Pokémaster– I would ‘Catch ‘em all.” Being the best, ever, would happen so fast. I am the king at Pokémon, and I would show everyone. One day, I will be on every newsstand, but for now I will silently train!

7. Counselor– I am a beast at helping people. My ears should be the size of Dumbo’s, because that’s how amazing I am at listening! I have always wanted to be Dr. Phil. He is my hero! But when I join the community, he will be going down! Captain Dumbo is coming!

6. Drug dealer- Clearly this is serious, as I am the new Pablo Escobar! I don’t know where I will be getting the drugs, but I still have time to get that planned out!

5. Runner– *Pause* Lets get serious, I ain’t running! Hahahahaha Actually I use to run everyday! I was pretty fast, in high school, so this isn’t that much of a joke…lol

4. Promoter– This is the second option, right now. I really could see myself pursuing this dream. The only problem would be that I suck at hitting deadlines, but that is also because of “Impromtdude.” So I guess if I don’t have this blog, then I would have more time, and would be able to get things done.

3. Preacher– This was going to be my original career (before writing). I actually went to college for a semester for pastoral studies, until I dropped out. If I could, I would really do this in the future!

2. Chef– Because not everyone has had food poisoning! *weird pause*

1. Blogger– This is going to be my career. I don’t care what happens. I have a few other jobs, while doing this. I have never used blogging as a source of income. I actually don’t charge people for any of my work. I will write anything for anyone, well some…., and wont charge people! I write for the fun of it, and I wouldn’t change that for anything! The most that might happen is I might go down to blogging a few days a week, instead of posting daily. This will be in the very far future! A lot is happening, right now, which is going to bring in a lot of blog post and more people. I am more excited about blog than I ever have been!
I have to work tonight, which led to this top 10 list. I hope you enjoyed!

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