State Fair treats

Posted: August 22, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Fully made from butter!

   Today I was able to go to the fair, with Ariel, and actually spend some money. Being a tightwad, during the fair, is something that has always been a problem for me. I want to spend all my money, because there’s just too much amazing food to pass up. I also love to play games, but food is my number one priority!
      There’s one thing that I love, something that I will be making myself, but usually wait until the fair to get. This item is a cheese-on-a-stick. It’s literally just a crap load of cheese, fried to perfection in corndog batter. I was first introduced to this amazing item, a few years back, while at Power light (fair concert) and I have loved them since!


      I have waited every year to get one, patiently waiting to dig my teeth into creamy heaven! I got one this year and it was better than any other year!

      Luckily, I was able to get my cheese, because I tried something else, later. I needed to pee, so I went to the urinals. (I have a funny story about this trip. If it gets 10 likes, I will release that story.) After the urinals, I grabbed my wife so we could get a lemon shake-up.

       While the woman was shaking the drink, I asked her to make me a deep fried 3-musketeers. Since this was my favorite candy bar, I figured this was going to be the best thing ever, but it was horrible. It was far too sweet for my taste, as it caused my teeth to hurt, moments after eating it. I couldn’t finish it, and decided that it was time to stick to my cheese treat!


Also, I played a game with my wife and won something! I won my very own Pikachu!


It was a great day! I want to know, what is your favorite fair treat?


  1. Sounds like it was a lot of fun! I have to say my favorite fair treat was always the curly fry blossom! I adore potatoes! Absolutely adore them! 😍 Awesome Pikachu!

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