Top 5 “Frosty” gridiron experiences.

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I love really love two things, winter and football. The winter air is the best, as I am a hot blooded male that sweats a lot. So when it snows and the air chills, my body starts to cool down and I actually feel comfortable. Then there is also football! NFL season is coming around the corner, which means my Sundays will be full, again. I am excited about the NFL season, but there is something more amazing coming, that is football in the snow! NFL lasts through winter, which garuntees that we will be having at least one snowy game! I love snowy football games. The game is changed when it snows. The players have to take better percussion, as the snow will keep them sliding the whole game. This makes me wonder, which of the Maddens has the best “Heavy snow” football experiences?

Luckily I have most of the Maddens, as I am missing anything before 07, and 08, 11. Even though I am missing a few games, I still have enough information to bring you guys an amazing Top 5 “Frosty gridiron experiences.”

This will be graded by three things; Does the snow slow down players? (Effect of snow) Does the snow look real? How covered is the field? This will show us how the snow effects gameplay, if the graphics give us a merry experience, and if the experience is realistic, as “heavy snow” should cover the field by halftime! Lets see what game meets our standards!!!!!!

5.  Madden 09- I noticed that all the previous games were bad at keeping the snow the same, but this game at least started the game with a lot of snow on the ground. The sky is blue in the game, though, making it a little awkward to play in. The snow also doesn’t effect the game play, as I was able to run back a fumble with Brian Urlacher. I wasn’t super impressed, but compared to others, this is defiantly a 5 spot game.


4. Madden 12- During the pre-game, you get to see the snow falling, and all I can say is “wow!). The pre-game is actually better than the actual gameplay! The plus was that the snow was amazing. I would have to say that the snow was realistic as the ground was covered with snow, after Halftime!


      3. Madden 10- This was the funnest experience for me, and it wasn’t for the graphics, I would have this in the number 1 spot, but the snow stayed the same way the whole game! The big plus was that the snow affected the players! I was playing against the Colts, led by Peyton “The Sherriff” Manning, during the game play, Peyton actually slid on the field leading to a sack! This was after the snow slowed Hester down and caused him to trip and fall to the ground (No one was around.)


2. Madden 15- Let me start this by saying “I wasn’t that impressed!” Madden added a few snow piles behind the end zone, which is to make you feel that the cleaned the field before the game, and that was the reason that there isnt much snow on the field. The gameplay isn’t affected, again, which kind of pisses me off. If Madden 10 was able to add this, then we should have a bigger effect in one of the newest games. Nonetheless, the snow continues to layer on the field, and by the end of the halftime, you get to play on a packed field, yet the lines are still showing.


     2. Madden 25- The first letdown of this game was, there was no snow during the pre-game. I saw Culter talking to Marshall, on the sideline, but there wasn’t a snow flake in sight? The big plus was that, after halftime, you can see a huge change in the field. This was pretty impressive, minus the fact that all the lines are still showing. If it was snowing heavy, and with halftime only being 20 minutes (if that), how would the ground crew be able to shovel the lines? The gameplay wasn’t really affected, but I also had the amazing Forte in my backfield. Overall, Madden finally got the snow situation under control, but then fucked up in the very next game…..SMDH.


This was horrible…..Madden has changed since ’15, and the next generation games are so much better, but it upsets me that they couldn’t make snow realistic, sooner…….there isn’t even a number 1 game……

Don’t agree? Tell me what you think should be changed! Also tell me what I should analyze next!

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