Diss me, fool!

Posted: August 19, 2016 in Uncategorized
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What if I have a diss post one day?
It is finally over! Drake bows down to Eminem, as he brings him out during a show to perform “Forever.” We all know that Eminem would have killed Drake, no matter what the game was. Eminem is truly one of the best, ever, and I don’t see him going anywhere. The feud was funny, though. It was funny to hear all of the rumors, knowing that Drake didn’t have beef with “The Rap God,” but its over now. With it ending, I started thinking, what if one day I caught beef with another blogger? I know I’m far from fame, but I see myself becoming someone big in the next few years…I truly do!
I am not a big fan of controversy, nor do I like to gain followers from drama. I try to keep this blog pretty neutral, in order to keep people happy. Then again, one day I might find myself in a perfect opportunity to gain a bunch of followers, and I would have a choice. Would I collect my chips, and piss people off, or would I stay neutral? The answer could be “Staying neutral,” but there is also the chance of it being the other way. The way that would gain fame, but also would also gain a few haters. Then the question is “what would happen?” How would I deal with the hater? And what would happen if they start beef?
The easy answer is “I would grill them like a pork chop!” I wouldn’t hold back while fighting them. I think I would take the Eminem path and would release a diss blog. The situation could be a small mix up, but that wouldn’t matter, if you mess with me expect to get a huge horn up the butt. They would rue the day they came against me. They would cry and probably make up some lies, trying to ruin my image, but I wouldn’t care. I would know that I am the best and that they are just babies. They would try to dethrone me, but nothing they could do would effect me. I am a rock solid beast and they would soon lose the battle. The battle would be over once I released my diss blog, in response to theirs. This would be so ruthless, their followers would need to buy Aloe for their third degree burns!
After the post, he would cry for me to remove it. As he is crying at my feet, I will take my foot and put it right up his butt! I would have no mercy while I go after his blog! Another blog would be posted, this one would be aimed to take him out, forever! This would reveal any dark secrets, lies, and anything dirty on his record. I would use everything to destroy his reputation, while laughing the whole time.
I am completely joking. I would never snoop into some ones secret life. I could see myself dipping into controversial topics, but not to gain more followers. This was never about the followers, that’s why I try to stay neutral. I don’t want to gain followers that way, I don’t want to get famous the same way everyone else does. I will get famous by doing what I have been doing, all this time, by posting my thoughts and funny materials. I will never change, either!
Sorry for wasting your time! XD


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