He’s in the shadow.

Posted: August 12, 2016 in Uncategorized
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   But I’m about to bring light to his ability. The world will know about one of the best local artist, and they will come to know him as one of the greatest. He is one that people will talk about for the rest of eternity. The will of God is with him, and his faith will bring him accomplishments, from now on.
    Who would be better to bring this artist forth, then the man that has a great talent, himself? That’s right, no one!!! I am coming back, to bring you guys a great talent. I simply dusted off my keyboard and popped in a nice tune. From that point I found that I was ready to promote again.
   I have promoted a movie and a rapping group, both which are doing very well. Though credit belongs to them, you can’t say the post didn’t help! I sit back and thank God for my ability, and pray to him that I can get this artist a good push.
    I won’t reveal anything. But let me tell you this; you’re not ready! That is all I will say. See you tomorrow!!!!!




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