Being someones first

Posted: August 8, 2016 in Uncategorized
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   In the past week, I have discovered something that nearly kills me inside. I was on Facebook, and as I was scrolling through the many posts by friends I don’t really know anymore. Its sad to think that way, but to be honest since I started to work I haven’t been able to breath. Anyways back to topic, as I was looking at a forward photo, most of the time I would run right through them without a single thought, but this photo was more than I could imagine.

            The picture seemed inappropriate at first as I stared I realized that it was all but that. In the picture there was a girl and a male in bed (Let me say they were wrestling, for the younger viewers.) The girl and guy had writing on their bodies. The girls read “He’s my first,” I began to examine the guys back where the numbers numbed my mind. Thirty check marks layered his back.

            This was a shock to me, because I have never thought about “Wrestling” with that many girls. This guy seemed to not have a single problem with it. I quickly closed the picture saying, “He is such a pig” and BAM. I was hit in the gut by a thought. This thought was this “What’s the difference of this man and all them girls, and a man leading girls on.”

            This thought nearly broke my heart, because though I don’t mean to, I do lead some girls on. I know its very bad of me, and I have got so much better with controlling myself while talking to girls. Something so simple as telling a girl she’s pretty can come off as “girl you are totally my type.” Though I don’t know if a girl really thinks that, I do know that it has to be in that ballpark.

            Since that thought had come to my head from what seems to be Jesus, I have thought of ways to stay away from that type of zone. It’s hard for a man that has a habit of flirting. This post is different from the others, because usually it’s about my first love or just something random, but this picture opened up my slightly callused eyes. This is what I want to say about this overall.

            That girls are more than special, they are fragile. They need someone to have a serious promise, not just a good pickup line. Before you start to flirt with a girl, and get her to like you. You should really ask yourself inside, is she really the one; or am I just going to waste time. For us men that don’t mean to flirt; you should really think about this. I know where you are at, because I’m flirtatious. The way that I have controlled myself over this slight change in my life is: be patient, Try to stay away from “Your cute, hot, sexy” Trust me this will help, and finally become a friend of the girl with signs of friendship. Now if you began to really feel something for her, don’t be a girl, but also don’t jump into something that you might regret in the first week.

            I am sorry if some parts of this are confusing, I just wanted to express some emotions.



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