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Posted: August 1, 2016 in Uncategorized
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    Ariel and I havent been able to spend time with each other. With work and cleaning up the house, along with all the side activities, sadly our time together has swindled down. With any extra time we have, we usually spend it doing activities that we like. She will spend the open time watching movies, as I will spend the time doing Madden challenges or writing.
    Recently, she came up to me and told me that we need a night together, without being divided in the same room. The hurt in her voice woke me up to realize I haven’t been spending time with her. I felt bad, knowing that I have been selfish with my time. I only have cared about what I have wanted, not considering that she has wanted to spend time together. So we found something that we can both enjoy.
     YouTube has opened my eyes to my love of Family Guy. After watching hours of funny moments, I have decided to go buy a few seasons, in order to get my full fix on. Luckily disc replay has all of the seasons for $7.99/season, which is very reasonable for me. I really enjoy this show, and if it helps with boredom and getting Ariel and I back to spending more time together, then let it be.
    We are about to start the marathon, so thank you. Thank you for everything you do. Tell me your favorite TV show down below!!!!:)



    If you love zombies like I do, then you will love what Deadworld (#Ad) has in county market. They are your normal sodas, but they are called “zombie sodas” and they have sweet designs on the bottle. They also have amazing names such as Twilight Shuffler and Rot berry. I think it’s cool, I surely hope you do too!



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