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I was meaning to get this out yesterday, but I got busy. Also, the amount of information, I had to get, was more than I expected when I told you guys this was coming. I am just blessed to have you guys, because you are some of the most reasonable people. You could have been mad, but you weren’t. You guys understood that life happens, so for that I thank you and welcome you to a recap of my writing journey. There will be times that the blog will feel rushed, but do remember, there are 5 years to cover in just one post. I did a lot of cutting, some things that I really didn’t want to, in order to get to some special moments. We will start from 2011 and will end on Wednesday July 27th, 2016. I really hope you guys enjoy. All stats will also be at the bottom of the post, in case you want to skip to the end. But I ask you to read it all!

I want to say thank you. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be here! I am truly thankful for you!


We are all humans, we are all venerable to heartbreak. We search for the love of our lives, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. We meet the right person, and we think everything is amazing. Our hearts want to wrap this girl/boy up and never let go. I was like everyone else. But after the girl walked away, I broke. Depression was the worse thing, ever. People told me to get over it, but I didn’t know how to do that. I didn’t want to learn either. This is when I posted my first blog ever. I posted “The problem with getting over it” in November 2011, under Living example b, which was my band blog. The blog was me pouring out my heart to the girl, asking why she left and trying to inform people that I couldn’t get over her, it was more of a prayer than anything. I deleted that post a few years later, as I realized that the blog was an old part of me, and that it was a great reason that I couldn’t get over this girl. The first post (that stayed up) was an update to “Problem with getting over it.” This blog was the start of something amazing, as I spent many Tuesdays writing. One day, I finally got my first comment. This comment wasn’t anything special, it was a guy inviting me to his blog, but it was still my first comment, and meant that someone was looking at my blog! This was an amazing moment, since I never promoted my blog, anywhere!
I was unable to get the stats off this blog, mainly because BlogSpot is crappy. I posted on this blog for a few years, but on 5/4/13, I released my very last blog on “Living Example b” that was titled “Dreams.”


During the last blogs of “Living example B” I was deciding if I wanted to go back to college, which is clear in “Dreams.” I didn’t have the money to go to college, but I knew I needed to in order to get a good job. I was in a rut, and didn’t know what to do. I never had the luxury of having my parents pay for college. My dad always worked, but it was never enough. After months of debating, I decided to go to a cheap college, a seminary, and pursuing a career in youth ministry. After I quit the college, due to money, I came back and lost my way. I didn’t want to write anymore. The one thing that kept me alive was no longer something that I found needed. I quit, even after I quit college to “Follow my writing career.” I wanted to be a writer, I wanted to do great thing for God in the writing field. Tides changed when I came back, which led me to a very long spurt of not writing. But then I met Ariel.


I got with this amazing girl, Ariel. She was so amazing and always challenged me to do amazing things. I found myself trying to make a return to the writing community. I was unemployed. So I would spend the time when Ariel was at work to write stories. I was using an application called “Pocket writers,” but also I was trying to help people. I found myself on “Talk life,” spending a lot of hours talking people out of Suicide, that is when an idea came in mind. I would go on to make a blog, on BlogSpot, that was used to help people in need. During the month of June of 2013, I posted a few blogs that were requested by a couple of my fans. The one post that I thought would change lives was “healing the wounded from the looks.” This was a blog for a girl that had a boyfriend that was looking at other girls, while they were together. She came to me broken, asking me what she should do. I told her what I would do through this blog. I also talked about Religion and Gay rights, but this blog would only last 24 days, before I hit a big slump.


I would like to skip this part, because this was the worse writers block, ever! There was a time where I would refuse to even think about Writing. It happened shortly after my wife washed my iphone, eliminating any way of writing. I got a phone that couldn’t connect to “Pocket writers” and that was very uncomfortable to write blogs. During this time, I also got a new job and we (Ariel and I) got engaged. Everything was getting hectic, and I lost control of myself. I could have continued to write, but I lied to myself saying “I was too busy.” The biggest change was that I wasn’t taking Ariel to work followed by walking the bike trails. I would drop her off and go to work. My schedule got changed, causing me to fall from the writing wagon. By the time that I got back, my head was so cloudy. I couldn’t think of good blog ideas. If I did I wouldn’t be able to finish the idea; I would start a blog then I would think it sounded horrible, and I would delete it. It only took one sentence for me to delete a whole post. I decided to take a much needed break from writing. The clouds were beginning to separate, bringing light to a brand new blog, a brand new thought, and a great road to travel on. The new Blake was in the horizon, and he was heading at this world quickly.

It was a week before Valentines day when I found my new love. He was such an amazing person, it was love at first sight. His eyes poured into mine as I reached my hand out to him. Electricity flew through my fingertips as I touched him. Everything felt right, his touch was everything that I needed. I needed him more and more as time went by. Up to this day, I still look into his eyes like the first day. I still have much love for this guy. Impromtdude was born on February 9th, 2014. Impromtdude was never meant to be a full blown project, it was made for me to get back on my writer’s feet. I still was having a hard time getting the words out of my head, but I downloaded a writers challenge app and would use that to build stories or ideas for blogs. One day,  I was sitting in our bedroom, waiting for her to get off, and I pulled out our laptop. I flipped the application on and started to complete the challenge. The challenge would give you certain objectives to due in a certain time, which would be built on throughout the following steps. I told myself it didn’t matter what the post said, even if it sounded horrible. I just wanted to get pass this pain that I had, being tired of not being able to write, I did it. I finished my first challenge. I titled it “Crime; Armed and Dangerous.” After saving the post, I thought “What if I posted this?” The idea was great, it sounded like something that would be funny and completely different. I liked the idea, so I went onto BlogSpot and made a new blog, called “Impromtdude” translated meaning “A dude that is very random.” This was great, I enjoyed the challenges. Eventually I would release a original story series about zombies. Everything was great, but I wanted to have my own logo. With the blog just starting out, I wanted everything to be awesome, so with my minor photo editing skills I used a stock photo and Microsoft word to create the first logo for “Impromtdude” the one that you are looking at right now.


Everything was going great, until stupid “BlogSpot” called me a robot. I requested to be paid as my blog was doing pretty well, but they locked my request, saying that I was a robot stealing others work and posting it as mine. I went to Twitter about this, my friend told me to move over to WordPress. I made the quick move in May of ‘14 and continued from where I was. After moving to WordPress, I was giving an opportunity to promote an indie film by writing a report on the trailer. I spent hours working on the rough draft, but the owner, to the movie, didn’t like parts of the blog. I didn’t like the critics and threatened to quit blogging. But after some much needed revisions, the producer was very happy with the blog and promoted my work, also. This post got 48 views in almost five days, which set a new record for the blog.

My first comment was recorded on 6/9/14 by Janet. She commented on my “about me.” This comment is below:


Now, after the blog for the movie, I was hit with a  long run of stat problems. I was averaging a whole 1 view a day, if that. Most days I would go without any views. I felt worn out, which would leave me empty, causing me to quit blogging for the rest of the year. I did continue the next year, though.


When I came back it was a party. I was ready to take this blog to the next level. This is when I decided to post a new logo. This logo was defiantly a downgrade from the first logo, but it needed to change. I was coming back, a brand new man, so I had to change the way that I wrote and what the blog would stand for. This is also when I introduced that I was going to start writing and posting daily. I was excited to start this new journey. As I started to post daily, I noticed that my stats were growing rapidly compared to the past. It motivated me to do more amazing things. I decided that I no longer liked the current logo, so I spent a few hours perfecting the new logo, the same one that I use to this day. I love how this logo looks, and I feel it fits the blog a lot more than the previous logo.


A while after making the new logo,  I decided to give a big shout out to a friend, that raps. He has a group called 878, which is a Christian Rapping group. This time, I spent more time researching the topic and asking the artist questions. After an interview, I did a quick blog for his blog to promote his group. This shattered the views record as it pulled in 38 views in the first day. Today this post alone has 87 views. I got a lot of credit for the blog, which led to others coming to me to promote them, but something more amazing was about to happen. One of the 878 fans contacted me, asking what I would charge to promote him. I told him to just share my work, after done, and we would call it even. He said that was great, and we started planning for this blog. During the planning, he introduced me to a man that has a promoting company. This guy wanted me to be the writing promoter for his company, but we didn’t agree on certain things, so I turned down the position in order to stay real within myself. I would go on to have the best stats for the blog, to that date, at the end of the year.


2016 was a year I used to build my image, so that I could get myself out to more people. With that being the plan, I decided that I needed to put my logo on clothes. Clothes are the biggest billboard and the best way to get yourself out there, quickly. This is when I met up with an amazing woman, and she made me an amazing hoodie. The clothing store will be up shortly. Also I decided to make myself easier to be found and creating my own domain would lead to a great amount of traffic, so on March 6th, 2016, I purchased “” for a year. This year was made to help build my name and my audience, and it has been working. I have seen great amount of traffic to this blog, already. Impromtdude has blown every stat out of the water, half way through the year. I have more visitors, stats, comments, and likes than any year, ever. I have been working on my grammar, and though I have a long way to go, I feel that I am gaining subscribers, mainly because I sound more professional. I am happy where I am, right now, and I know that this is only going to get better.


Now we will go over all stats!


First Blog- Living Example B        First Post date- 11/20/11      First post- “Problem with getting over it.”
First comment date- 4/5/12       Last post date: 5/4/13

Second Blog- Voice from Beyond   Time of Blog- 6/1/13 – 6/24/13      Facebook fans: 40

Third blog- Impromtdude (WordPress.)   First Blog- 5/12/16         First comment- 6/9/14.
Most beautiful comment by: Chelsea         Most common Commenter: Angelica Kidd
Biggest Facebook fan: Greg Jenkins Best twitter Follower: Katie Salers a.k.a Book Devourer
Best Blog: 878: A legacy……
Year stats:
2014- 380 views, 189 Visitors, 9 likes, 15 comments    Country to view most: United kingdom
2015- 818 views, 535 visitors, 24 likes, 16 comments        Not including                Saudi Arabia
2016- 1436 views, 800 visitors, 140 likes, 72 comments.      N. America                  India
Totals: 359 posts, 2634 views, 1524 Visitors, 170 comments, 59 followers.


Impromtdude @


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