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Posted: July 20, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I cant stand the way that men treat women these days. How hard is it to stay faithful to one woman? I don’t go around asking myself “Can I have this girl?” or “Why cant I have this girl?” I couldn’t imagine the thought of not having the girl I have now. Though I know there are other girls out there, none compare to the one that God has given me! That’s why when I hear about people cheating or looking for other potentials, I get ticked! 

My wonderful friend Becky (name has been changed for the sake of the victim) has been having heart aches due to her boyfriend. Let me break it down so you can understand! 

He will look at other women, lust over their peach toned skin while he holds the girl, he already has, in his arms! 

Some may say that this is normal behavior but truly it’s not. This type of behavior is down-right disgusting; on top of being an act of cheating! 

I see there are only two outcomes of this type of behavior: a breakup or someone being cheated on! 

I want to give everyone a few steps (or tips) on how to deal with this kind of situation!

1. Reverse the roles- meaning, try to stay positive. Many times we trick our mind to see things that aren’t there! Try remembering that he is still with you! 

2. Talk to friends- talk to friends associated with him. Find out if he flirts with other girls when your not around! Though this seems easy, don’t forget they are his friends and are more and likely to lie for him!

3. Talk to him!– a relationship is based on communication! Sit him down and discuss what’s on your mind! If he shows lack of interest or gets mad at the assumption, you might need to move to stage four! 

4. Give him an alternatim- show him your not joking. Tell him he must prove he loves you, or there might need to be a relationship change! This will show if he is whiling to change his ways to keep you! If he doesn’t then it’s time to cut him lose! 

I know it’s hard at times to end relationships, but if the man isn’t treating you like the queen you are then it’s time to reconsider if he’s the one! 


  1. Good to see there’s still faithful guys out there!

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