I’m sick……

Posted: July 19, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I am sick…..
I hate being sick. I really don’t like the fact that I am without all my energy, when I am usually very active. When I get sick, you will see a brand new Blake. This sick Blake wants to sleep and watch YouTube videos. He wants to relax and hurry to recovery, but with a job that becomes hard sometimes.
I am sick. I haven’t felt good for at least three days, and it got worse today. It all started Friday, when I woke up with a very sore throat, but I figured it was nothing, so I continued my life. But Friday afternoon I got a very bad headache. The headache I got was from my sinuses, which was probably from all the cleaning supplies I have been using at work. It usually takes a day for my sinuses to stop, so I was just going to let it go away by itself, while using less chemicals and getting more fresh air. That’s when I decided to go to this concert, in Jacksonville. I was hoping that being outside would kill the chemicals present in my body. I had a blast that night, we got to be feet from the bands, and got amazing food during the concert. After the concert, we went to a local pizza place. When the pizza got to us, all my body began to ache. I was no longer hungry. I sat there, in pain, as everyone else devoured the pizza. I was tired, my head hurt, my back hurt, and my eyes were burning. The worse part was- I had to go to work the next morning, at 6.
Friday night we got home at Midnight, giving me a good 5 hours to sleep. This wasn’t going to be enough to help my 9 hour day, at work, on Saturday. The moment that I got to the bed I felt that my body was trying to relax, but it wasn’t happening. I wanted to go to bed once I got home, but I think I ended up staying up a hour later than planned. I don’t know about everyone else, but I need my sleep when I don’t feel good, or it just gets worse. Well that is what happened. Saturday morning, I woke up with the biggest headache and sore throat. I wanted to call in, but I know I need the money, so I told myself that it would go away. I filled my long shift, fighting every second of the day, while my body fought me back harder. I felt that I was losing the fight, so Saturday night, I decided to go to bed early. When I woke up the next morning I felt slightly better, though I still had the sore throat, I felt a lot better than I did before. After work, I went home and started to clean our bedroom, as we about to rearrange our whole house. I wore myself out, quickly, but I knew that it needed to be done, so I fought through the tiredness and got the job done. That is the bad part, though. Since I wore myself out, I was unable to get all of the hours of sleep, last night.
When I woke up this morning, it was all horrible. I opened my eyes to feel the burn. The burn was in my eyes and in my throat. I swallowed a little saliva and it nearly killed me. It hurt so bad, but I knew that I had to go. I had to go to work, I couldn’t miss today. I got up from my bed, and got dressed, while my eyes were still burning. I thought this was just from being tired, but it soon revealed to be a big part of my sinus infection. I got to work. I opened the gate, and started to drink my energy drink. With every sip, my throat seemed to get worse. That is when I stopped drinking it. I didn’t want to make it worse. I got another drink, but even that hurt. With water not helping, I decided to stop drink, all together. During our lunch rush, I felt my head getting heavy, my eyes were killing me, and I started to get dizzy. From that moment on, I wasn’t the same Blake. I was able to finish the day, and I should be able to work tomorrow, I just hope that I can get to Wednesday, so that I can finally sleep during my day off. I don’t know if it is sinuses, or maybe a cold. Either way, the pain is getting on my nerves. I hate being sick, I just hope this ends very soon!  


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  1. Nothing sucks worse than having to work when you feel sick! 😫 I hope you get to feeling better soon!

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