Top ten favorite Bands

Posted: July 17, 2016 in Uncategorized
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    Last night, I got to see a band that I use to listen to, and let me tell you, they were pretty awesome. It was a very small venue, so they didn’t sound too amazing, but they were still great. This prompts me to give a list of my favorite bands.


   10. Tyler Ward – A YouTube sensation. S.o.s is my favorite song.
     9. Taylor Swift – I don’t like her as much as I use to, but back in the day she was amazing. Haunted was my favorite song.
      8. Secondhand Serenade – a former bass player that was told, by his wife, to go solo. He did and wrote my favorite song “Fall for you.”
       7. Brantley Gilbert – country’s best artist. He has come out with a lot of hits, but “Kick it in the sticks” and “Don’t know her like I do” have always held a special place in my heart.
       6. Anberlin – They announced they are leaving the music life, but “Feel good drag” is my favorite. I wish I could see them in concert, but sadly that won’t happen.
       5. Eminem- if you don’t know Eminem, then don’t talk to me. He has a handful of songs that I love, so I will leave it at that.
       4. Lifehouse – “everything” has always played a huge role in my Christian walk, and it will always be a favorite.
        3. Skillet – A rock band that follows Christ, but doesn’t talk solely about their faith in their music, is amazing. I love all of their songs.
        2.  Tenth avenue North- Another Christian band that has played a huge play in my faith. Anytime I feel down. I play them, they always help me out. “Love is here” Beats all of their other songs though.
1 1/2. Philmont – A band that only lasted a few years, then folded due to finances. They only have one album, SP go check them out.

Now for the last, but not least, we will go back to rap. A white rapper, with powerful rhymes, sick beats, and a heart for God. He is amazing, he is true, and he isn’t scared to say what others won’t.

      1. NF – As I said, he is a rapper. He has two amazing albums. He lost his mother to an overdose, now he takes his pain and puts them into his songs. He hates it, but he is compared to Eminem, because he sounds like him. “All I have” is truly his best song.


  1. I like Brantley Gilbert and Eminem too 🙂

    • ImpromtDude says:

      Brantley Gilbert is amazing. I can’t find a song that is bad, from him. Also, Eminem is great, but I do find it hard to stay in love with any of his albums,I am unsure of why.

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