Do you ever wanna go back?

Posted: July 13, 2016 in Uncategorized
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   Have you ever wanted to go back in time, or do something that you did as a child? Have you ever had times, in your life, that you missed the simple days, and wished that you could have another opportunity to make up for lost time?

   When we were kids things were so simple. Life was easy as children, we never had to worry, and we could enjoy the small things. I know as a child, I was fascinated by twigs, sticks, stickers, and any toys that were available. I could turn anything into a toy, and I would never get upset if I didn’t get a specific item. I’m happy now, but I know I was happier then.

   Pokémon has made a return, one that has everyone freaking out. I’m not a huge fan of Pokémon, but with the release of the new game, it has caused me to want to go back in time. I was very young when I started to collect the cards. I use to get the cards out of a local vending machine, inside a grocery store, and I still have all of my original Pokémon cards, and remember playing the Gameboy advance game. I was so fascinated with collecting every card, oh how the time has passed.

     Sadly, I don’t find the classic game fun anymore. I haven’t touched the cards or played any of the games, in years. But I did do something today that will help me go back in time a little. Though, it isn’t the Pokémon game, I did buy an old favorite from Disc Replay, today. It was a game that I originally spent hours playing on the gamecube. I started many games, made many characters, and won a lot. The game isn’t super old (like Pokémon) but it is a game that will help me “go back.” This game is “Madden ’09” and it’s a fan favorite.


    Back in the day, I was a big card player (yugioh and Pokémon) but as I grew up I got more into sports and sports games. I remember playing “Madden 98” on the PS1 with friends, never knowing how to properly play, or knowing who played for what team. We simply played to spend time together. It was always a blast, there was truly never a dual moment when we played. When I got my gamecube, my friends wanted to play some more Madden, that is when I bought “Madden ’07,” which is my favorite classic Madden, until ’09 came out. ’09 was the last Madden to be released on the gamecube, which is why it’s so special to me.

     I don’t know why this game makes me feel so young, but it’s nice to feel young, again. Being old sucks. All I do is work all the time, and then come home and sleep. I miss the days when I didn’t have to work or pay bills. I miss the days that I could stay up all night, and wouldn’t have to worry about work the next morning. It was nice to get a summer vacation. Now, I get one week of vacation, but during those vacations, I usually sleep or work around the house. I am tired of being responsible, so God, please take me back. Take me back to the easy days, before the hard days!


  1. I agree, adulthood can be wearisome. It’s always a great thing to be able to look back on your childhood years and reminisce about the fun things you did, but sometimes it’s also beneficial to think of the awesome things you can now do as an adult that you couldn’t do or do as well when you were a kid. Like writing. I used to like to write when I was a kid but as an adult, it is my passion and because I have accrued more knowledge over the years, I am better able to perfect my writing. It’s good to look back on our younger years with fondness so long as we are looking at the present with satisfaction and the future with hope. Only my opinion of course. 🙂

    • ImpromtDude says:

      I agree fully. There are a lot of good things about both. Being an adult has really been great, because I can make my own decisions, also writing isn’t just a hobbie, its now a career. Though, I miss being a child, since it was easier, I wouldn’t go back. It’s just nice to think about it, sometimes!

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