It’s o-f’ng-ficial!

Posted: July 9, 2016 in Uncategorized
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   The day is set. The departure has been placed in time, and now we have to wait. The wait is only making things more exciting, since tomorrow, I will be adding another first to the list.
     The ride has been a wild one, a long road that had a lot of turns and a few bumps, but now we can say it’s happening. Though we don’t get to stay the whole time, we still get to spend the day with some amazing people. But most importantly, we get to go out of town.
     With working hard, I have been wanting to get away, if it was only for a day, to enjoy myself with amazing people. That chance came up when my wives family asked us to come with them to St. Louis to enjoy the zoo and possibly go-carting. I have never been to the zoo, so I am excited that we get this chance, but the problem was finding a car.
     We have a reliable car that gets us to our job and around town, but I feel that it lacks the ability to get to Missouri. We desperately need a few spark plugs and a fix in the transmission pan (as it leaks,) so I said no to going, because I didn’t want to take the chance. But my wife wanted to go, and when she puts her mind to something it happens. With her wanting to go, I told her to find the way, which she set out doing quickly.
     At first, she tried to have her dad lend us his car, but he said no. She then asked her mother, but she was stingy to that idea, leaving us with no option. I saw the heartbreak in her eyes, but I didn’t have the answer to this problem, well until she said his name.
    During all of the planning. We forgot that my dad had a great car, and he wanted to spend time with my dog, Nimaka, but I wasn’t going to ask. I never want my father to think I’m using him, because I am truly not. But he was the last option, so I told Ariel to ask him. She asked him.
    Two nights before the trip she texted him, but he didn’t answer. She assumed this was him saying no. We had to accept the fact that we couldn’t go, but she didn’t give up. She sent him another text, the very next day, asking him if that meant “no”. He explained that he never got the text and told her that we could use the car. She was beyond happy when he told her, so excited she called me instantly.
     Now we have the car, we are all ready for the trip. We have the money for the trip. I am off work, she’s off work, and we are both healthy, which means one thing! Tomorrow I will be spending a lot of time out in public (not my favorite part, by far!) With my family. I will be posting a lot of pictures from the zoo. I am excited to spend this first with a great lady! Let’s just hope I don’t fall in with the gorillas!!!




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