I’m a cheater……

Posted: July 6, 2016 in Uncategorized
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This is weird, but the change is so exciting. The feeling of cheating feels amazing, I don’t think I want to go back. The thrill is at an all time high, and cheating is giving me a high I have never had before. I am on cloud 9, and I don’t want to come down. I hope she doesn’t find out, but she will. I was hoping to keep this secret, but that wont happen. She knows when I’m not there, she is always around, looking in on me as I cheat. But nothing will stop me from cheating. I just hope my desk understands…..
Tonight, I am back on my tablet, but I’m not at my glorious desk. I have been cleaning our couch, and I don’t want to get the chemicals on my clothes, so I have been sitting at my desk. While sitting at my desk, I have gotten bored of being at my desk, which weirdly has an affect on my writing. With sitting at my desk, I have seen that my creative level is at a dangerous low, so tonight I decided to camp in the kitchen, in my second chair, while I write to you amazing people. I am just glad to be back on my tablet. Recently, I have been on my phone, though my phone is really convenient, I like to step back and spend some time actually typing, so I pulled out my tablet, picked an area and started to write.
Today, I was on Facebook. I was reading my newsfeed. With Durant going to Golden State, all of my friends have mixed emotions about if he’s a trader or not. I honestly don’t care, but I have some big NBA fans, so they are trying to make their point. While that is going on, though, other trades are being made. There are some amazing players in the free agency right now, and could end up with any team. My friend, Tyler, posted a status about a player that he wants on the Chicago Bulls. The player isnt good, in my eyes, but he seems to like him. I simply posted my opinion, and that was it. He accepted my opinion and moved on. Then a guy said that we needed to go after D-Wade. I posted my concern about moving him to Chicago, explaining that he won’t do so, because there simply isn’t enough to drive him here. The guy posted some really fascinating stats and points, but I wasn’t buying it. I still think moving D-wade will never happen. He will sign with Miami, and wait until Cleveland can pay him. The guy didn’t get mad, though, even after I told him his opinion was wrong, which amazed me.
He messaged me politely, and told me that he appreciated talking to me, on the subject, and thanked me. See he had a guy tell him that he was going to beat him up, all over an opinion. How stupid is that? I don’t get the point of being mad over an opinion, what is it bringing you? I understand that we have die-hard fans in this world, but to get mad enough to tell someone to die, or that you want to kick their butt, over a comment, how stupid is that? You aren’t getting anything from the team, or from your favorite player. Sports are meant for entertainment purposes, so why take them so serious? Your anger wont help Durant go back to OKC, or help Golden State lose. Honestly getting anger just shows you’re a big baby. I just don’t get why people get so serious over talking about a sport. It honestly takes the fun out of watching the sport, and causes people to stop watching. Don’t ruin the game for everyone else, all because you are butt-hurt.
Now, I do understand debating and talking about sports. I love sitting down, and talking about new trades, new players, and who will win. I certainly love talking about Football. I spend a lot of time , during the NFL season, playing fantasy and talking to people, about what’s going on in the league. I love doing it so much, that I actually have a page on Facebook, “Gridiron Retreat,” which I list my top players, talk about news around the league, and give weekly predictions. I ‘m excited to get back to doing so shortly, I am ready for football to start. But I know that when Football starts, we will get flooded with the butt-hurt fans. The one thing I remember is “They will never go away.” You just have to laugh at these fans, and get over them. Don’t get mad over what they say, because they are just trying to get their “point” across. They aren’t worth your time. But if you want to argue, go right ahead. I, on the other hand, will simply laugh as I place facts in front of them. I am the more educated one. I hope everyone enjoys their favorite sports season, and until next, peace!


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