Happy 4th of July!

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Uncategorized
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    We would like to take a second and give a moment to all soldiers. Without their bravery, throughout the years, we wouldn’t be celebrating, as the greatest country in the world. They gave their lives and time for our freedom, something that we could never repay. Though this country isn’t the same it use to be, there are still amazing people over seas, and even on our own soil, Fighting for the same freedom that we celebrate today. Thanks to all the soldiers, without you we wouldn’t be here.

   Tonight, I will be spending the night with family. We just summed up a great grill-out, in which we enjoyed some brats and brat hamburgers. Now we are about to leave. We are going to the Knights Action Park show, where we will be meeting up with our cousin’s. I’m not a huge fan of Knights Action Parks fireworks, they are honestly a disappointment, but that’s where everyone else wants to go. I wish we would go to another show. Either way, we will be enjoying the night together.

     The 4th is a great holiday. I love watching fireworks, I just wish this state wasn’t so anal about fireworks. They don’t allow anything that explodes, which eliminates anything fun. But I will get over it, and enjoy the family time that is giving. I hope that all my friends and family stay safe tonight, and enjoy every second of this freedom. The USA is an amazing place to live, that is all because of our men and women in uniform. Without them, we would be a shithole country. So thanks to the brave women and men of the USA, keep doing what you’re doing :).


Much love,



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