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On March 23rd, 1994, a boy was born. His parents decided to name him Gregory Blake Jenkins. He was born into a world that was going to bring him many joys and pains, but most importantly, a world that was full of many opportunities. Blake was a big baby, getting the nickname “potato sack” early in life.
    As he grew up, this little boy, needed to decide what he wanted to be called. Not knowing how to spell Gregory, he chose Blake, on that day he would now consider himself “Blake.” Though later he would wish he would have chosen “Gregory.” After getting his name  situated, he now had to decide what he would like and dislike. This was a hard decision for him, as he didn’t know what to like, and caused him to like things that his peers liked, over what he enjoyed.

Since his peers liked expensive toys, Blake was scared to ask for these items, but he really wanted it. So on a slow day in Second grade, Blake set out to get these fancy toys, by stealing from his friends. The kids were messing around, when one of the kids launched a toy (the toy he wanted) over to him. He quickly grabbed the toy, and put it in his book bag. He was caught doing so, and was forced to say sorry and give it back. The teacher called his parents, which ended in his parents being disappointed. From that day, Blake didn’t want to steal anything, anymore. Later on, at 7, Blake’s parents would get divorced, causing Blake to be thrown through loops and loops of a crazy rollercoaster.

Flash foward to high school.
Blake had gone through a lot, but now was starting to feel better about life. His mother was sadly out of the  picture, but he was finally content with that fact. He didn’t need her, he had everything he needed. Blake was able to say he was finally happy, but life was going to get a lot better. This is when he found his Savior, Jesus Christ, on February 22nd, 2009. This small event helped shape his future for the next few years. Though friends left his side, Blake kept his eyes towards Jesus, and made it his mission to spread the gospel. His new found Christianity led him to meet new friends, that would later impact his life forever. But the two biggest effects from finding Christ was: his music career and his want to become a youth pastor.
   It was sophomore year, in high school, when Blake decided to become a youth pastor. This is when he began to prepare sermons and started to study the Bible continuously. The more that he studied, the more that he realized that this was his purpose. He was meant to do great things for Christ. During that time, Blake was also working on “living example band: Let your light shine” this being his first album, containing 10 original songs that were recorded in his room. During this time, Blake was also a writer and was working on three books and one script; a romantic novel, a suicidal prevention book, a horror novel, and a script for a horror movie.
    Blake spent hours playing guitar, writing and studying the Bible. But the decision came up; where did he want to go to college? He knew that he wanted to follow God, but didn’t know where that meant. That is when, a girl named Emilee, came bursting into my life. Great things came from this, but also a few bad things. He decided where he wanted to go, for college, and what he would pursue. He was going to same college as her. The plan was solid, but she decided that they shouldn’t talk anymore. This broke Blake’s heart, and left him emotionless. He tried to cope with the pain through all sources, but nothing helped, he was going to die feeling this way.
    During this pain, Blake was looking for a way to stop the hurt. One day, while in study hall, Blake pulled out his Macbook, and started to type a blog. This blog was the first of many and was titled “The problem with getting over it!” The blog was telling people that he wasn’t alright, and that she really destroyed him. He discussed what happened, and why he was so hurt. Writing this blog was the only time that he would forget about Emilee. This was his escape from life, which he used every Tuesday.
   Blake released his second album in the spring of 2012, titled “Beyond the shadows.” Another 12 original songs were added to his recorded total. But this was the time that he experienced a heartbreaking blow, also. He was robbed. Someone came into his house and stole his computer. This included his flash drive with his original stories, and all his lyrics. Being without anyway to write, Blake decided to lay down the pen and focus on school. This is when he changed his career path and decided to go to seminary.
    He lasted a few months in seminary, but didn’t feel that it was worth it, and came back home to follow his dream as a writer. Months after getting home, he met his wife, Ariel, and started a new blog “The voice from beyond,” which was used to give advice. The blog lasted a few months, but it wasn’t the same as the previous blog, so Blake decided to give writing a long-term break.
   While on break, Blake got engaged to Ariel. He also moved to a new apartment, and started picking up more hours. He was pulling in extra hours, but the money wasn’t bringing him happiness. There was something that was missing, which happened to be writing. Blake was in a deep writers block, but he knew that had to end, soon. This is when he started to write from prompts. He was able to write again, and decided to start a new blog. The name was what prompted him to make the blog, and pushed him to create “Impromtdude.” Impromtdude defined is “Random dude,” which explains Blake perfectly. He started posting weekly, at first, but started posting more as time went on.
     A year after posting his first original story “Night Crawler Journals,” Blake decided to start posting daily. During this time, Blake got a huge opportunity. While on Twitter he was confronted and asked if he would do a review for an upcoming movie, “The chair.” He got a huge amount of credit for the post, which led to a big part of his following.
    Impromtdude is doing better than ever, and that is all due to the amazing fans. The views are up in numbers, the likes are increasing, and he is now getting more comments. But the best part is that people are coming to him, to post for them.
   Impromtdude is working on a huge amount of projects, right now. They will be published in the near future, something that Blake is excited about. The biggest project that he is working on is his novel, Drifting Away, and more details will be coming soon. Until then, enjoy the daily post’s!

Thanks for reading!

I love you.


                 -Gregory Blake Jenkins




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