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I am a prime and proud example of an author trying to make it.

I will admit this is my third time making this “About me.” I don’t do well at telling others about myself, I barely know myself as it is. So to tell someone else about myself is harder than a person expects. It actually shouldn’t be that rough, but it is and well that’s life right.

So to cope with the fact that I don’t know myself, I will answer a few common questions I get asked!

1. Tell me about yourself?

My nickname is “The Blakester” I am a very dedicated Writer and have chosen to come back to my roots. Though in my 21 years, i still have no idea who I am, or where I will go in my life. But at the same time of not knowing where I will go, I am okay with that. Why Rush things?

2. When did you start blogging?

Ha! I created my first blog on BlogSpot called “Livingexampleb23’s blog” about three-four years ago. Though I have been a dedicated writer since I was young!

3. As a response to #2, Why did you create the blog?

I am a passionate writer! What else can I say? There is a main reason I created the blog though, in which I will spill my beans. A girl screwed me over! She broke my heart, and instead of crying about it, I coped through it by writing all of our memories! Then I couldn’t stop posting!

4. How many blogs have you been a part of?

Geez enough! I have created four blogs. Each one was different, but each one had the same effect, They got boring!

Livingexampleb23’s blog- Got writers block, forgot password to the account.

Voicefromthebeyond- No response to great content, got bored.

Blastfromthepast- Video game review blog that had one blog post. Realized it wasn’t for me.

Impromtdude- Freaking amazing name! Its my love, my life! It wont be going anywhere!

5. Impromt Dude? What’s that story?

If you mean, “Why did I name my blog that?” Its in the title actually! Impromptu is the act of being random, and well I believe I am a dude. It’s a way to say, “I am random, so get ready for a great post.” I wouldn’t want it any other way! And I spell it impromt so it’s easier to find me on the Internet!  Not a typo!

6. What is your favorite post so far?
This is a good question, because in the end to me all of my post are my favorite. I cant just choose one to point out. That is like telling one kid that one is a favorite where the other is just another kid. But I do love this project…but you will never know which one! 

7. What can we expect in the future?

You can expect perfection! You can expect a new edge of blogging that I haven’t done before. Meaning if you liked the post before, you will love them now! Promise or your time back!

8. Future projects?

There are alot of new projects coming your way. This is just the edge of my career. Just the beginning of something great. I will be posting everyday for nearly two years. Each post will be different. This is called “What should I write? Challenge” and even more coming your way!

9. Okay final question! If you won an award who would you thank?

Ah! An Award for my writing. Here we go.
“I want to thank some amazing people that have gotten me here. Jesus you have never given up on me so thanks. But even if he did, I would have to thank my father, and my biggest fan. Thank you for always pushing me to do my best. My wife Ariel i would love to thank because she is so tired of me talking, yet will listen to my stupid stories. She is awesome.

Have a Good day!

-Imprompt Dude!

New one coming soon 😉



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