Welcome home, Fallout!

Posted: June 30, 2016 in Uncategorized
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   Another day, another model.
    It’s been about two weeks since my cousin bought me those POP figures. That is two weeks too long for another one, which is why I’m not waiting any longer. I have bought a figure that compliments my desk perfectly. It is the figure of my most favorite game and will sit high on my desk, in pride.
    If you know me, you should know that Fallout is my favorite game, ever. I first bought Fallout when I was a young snapper, about 14, for the Xbox 360. It was Fallout 3 to be exact. I walked through the door of Big Kids, walked over to the Xbox wall, and took a gander across the available titles. Nothing caught my eye quite like Fallout, but it was a little higher than I wanted to pay. But I didn’t want to leave empty handed, so I decided to buy it. I took it home, plopped it in and started to play. The game was horrible. I hated the game more than NASCAR for PS1. I quickly went back to C.O.D and 2k.
    Years after that day, I found myself bored of the same games and wanted to do something new. Knowing that I had Fallout 3, I chose to torture myself. But as I dove into the story of the young vault dweller, I found myself amazed. I was in love, but I wanted more guns. I didn’t want to beat everyone with a sledgehammer, but my first time through, I couldn’t find a gun for anything.
    This is when I bought New Vegas. It isn’t the sequel, but more of an additional story. Fallout:New Vegas takes place in post-apocalyptic, Las Vegas. In NV you are a character that gets shot in the head, but are saved from a Robot. As you start to travel to nearby areas, you find out pieces of the puzzle to who shot you, but also you meet new people and are able to take some amazing quests. I beat the entire game, racking up over 100 hours while finding every location, and finishing as many side quest as possible. I would play NV hours on in, every night.
     Fallout is amazing. I love the story modes. The open world helps kill time, and allows you to venture out and find new things. Also with the secret locations and weapons, it surely is a game that will keep you busy for a while. So when I found that Wal-Mart had “Vault boy” I had to grab it. I am so happy to add him to the collection, and hope to add more shortly!



  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve played FO4 and I hadn’t played any of the previous Fallout games, but I enjoyed FO4 a great deal. Cool Funko!

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