R.i.p beautiful!

Posted: June 25, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I was waiting for this story to calm down before I wrote about it. I wouldn’t want to get attention to my blog for something as horrible as this, but now it has went below the viral surface, so I want to talk about it. Recently, we lost one of my favorite artist, Christina Grimmie, from a gunshot.
She was doing a show in Orlando, Florida. She was so excited about the show that she invited everyone to the show via social media, through a video. The show was great, I assume. After the show, Christina was signing autographs at her meet and greet, when a sick individual walked up to her and pulled a gun on her, shooting her in three times. Her brother, Mark, was standing near the killer, tackling him when he pulled the trigger, bringing him to the ground. But as he was on the ground the killer, Kevin James, pulled the gun on himself. Kevin James was said to be a huge fan, and fantasized about being with the young artist. He was picked on by his peers, as they told him “You will never have a chance.” The idea of never having her drove him insane.
    Christina was the of the final contestants in the 2014 “ The Voice.” She didn’t win, but she did take third place. After the finale of “The voice,” Adam Levine expressed his desire to sign her to his label, 222 records. She ultimately decided to sign with Island Records, founded by Chris Blackwell. Christina has released three albums; Find me (2011), With love (2013), and Side A (E.P.) (2016). With love was the only Studio Album she recorded, and was an independent release. She was dropped from Island Records in 2015. Then announced a new album later that year. She released “Side A” in 2016 as an E.P. in indication that “Side B” would be coming soon. But with the incident, that sadly won’t be possible.
She was only 22 when she went home to her heavenly father, a short life for such a beautiful woman. Her biggest dream was to make people happy, and for her music to get out to everyone. Christina was the funniest and sweetest YouTube artist, it is a shame that she was taken from us so soon. She will never be forgotten.   


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