I hate myself sometimes.
I am not the biggest fan of myself, every now and then. I actually hate myself most of the time, and the reason is simple; I get bored of something really easily, even if I am doing amazing at it. I have always had this problem, and it is something that has held me back in life, and in my dreams. I got bored with getting better with my Punting skills, I gave up on getting better with my guitar skills, and I have slowed down in my writing. I wouldn’t say this is due to boredom, but I wouldn’t know what to call it, so I will call it boredom.
I can never keep with one thing, long. I find myself going through a lot of phases, never getting great at everything, but staying average at everything. Its like if I got great at something, then I would get even more bored, and I would walk away from it. But if I take breaks from it, then I will always have to get better, killing more time and keeping the challenge in the hobby. This is why I have been slowing down on writing, well I think that’s the reason?
I saw myself slowing down on my writing career, when I started to get apparel. I was about to release a clothing line, new stickers, and many other things. This is when I started to feel myself pull back from the writing. It seemed that my mind knew that we were getting stuff done, and it got scared, stopping my body on a dime. I don’t know what is scary about blowing up, but it is a fear inside myself. I am legit scared to become someone in the writing world, that I will compromise my writing routine, disabling myself from becoming something. I just don’t know why its so scary. I would love to become famous, I would love for my writing to get noticed, and for it to be in newspapers, magazines, and various other outlets. I love the idea of the challenge, and would love for the idea to come into reality.
I am hoping that the fear will end, soon. I am forcing myself to write. I hate forcing myself to do something that I am hesitant to do, and would love to get over this, so I can start writing freely again. I would love some encouraging words, it really helps! Thank you, with your help, we will finally get over this!


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