Give me The Flash toy, please?

Posted: June 16, 2016 in Uncategorized
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The flash toy.

I have been searching all over the place for this. I have been to one thousand places, hoping that someone carried at least an action figure of my favorite superhero, The flash. I found every other POP doll, but I can’t find The Flash anywhere, and its getting really old and annoying. I have been to Target, Wal-mart, Gamestop, Best Buy, and many others, yet I couldn’t find it. But then I went to my favorite store and there he was, he was sitting on the shelf in front of my eyes. I was finally back down to Earth, thanks to Barnes and Nobles.

This wasn’t the first time I saw this doll, sitting on this shelf. I passed up on getting it before. It was a couple weeks ago, and I was wanting to save money. It was close to payday, and I told myself that it would be there when I was ready to get it. So I waited for payday, well on payday I went to the bookstore. I nearly ran to the spot of the Pop toys, and dug through the available toys. I couldn’t find it, they were sold out at the time. The doll was gone, but I knew where I could get one. So I ran to the mall, knowing that Hot topic had one of the same toys.

     But I was mislead again, they must have sold out of the toy also, because it was gone. Being upset, I went to Meijer’s, but they didn’t have it either. They had every one expect for The Flash. This includes; Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonderwoman, and Robin, yet no Flash? I was angry, so I picked up a deadpool doll. This was my attempt to mend a broken heart. Though, I love Deadpool, there seemed to be something missing. I needed and wanted something Flash. With the disappointment present, I went to walmart and spent money on a t-shirt and a small action figure. This made me happier, but I wanted the POP toy. I needed to have my small Flash doll, sitting on my desk, staring at me while I write.

      This went on for about two weeks, until yesterday. For some reason, after work, I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble. I have been learning to lock pick, and wanted to pick up a book on the art, so I asked Ariel if she wanted to, she said yes. When we got to Barnes and Noble, she wanted to drink Starbucks. I enjoyed a small piece of Cheesecake as I sipped on a delightful White Chocolate Mocha w/ honey. The drink was amazing. I love the extra amount of sweetness the honey applies. So after I had my coffee, I got up and walked back to the service desk. I asked them to look up the book on lock picking. During the search, the woman got a little awkward, so my cousin told her that I wasn’t going to be breaking into any houses. She laughed, but he cut her off, and told her we were spies. The look on her face was priceless, but she continued the search. She notified us that she didn’t have the book, but she could order it. I quickly replied with a “no, we can’t give out our information, we will pass.” We turned around as she began to laugh loudly.

       After scaring the crap out of a lady, I walked over to the POP display, not holding onto any hope. I walked over to the display, and it was there! It was sitting high and glowing. I was full of joy when I picked up the toy, and walked to the front of the store. I was ready to get home and place it with all of my other toys! Now that I have the Flash I will be trying to receive The Hulk, and finally (after getting The Hulk) I will be getting Jason Vorhees. After that my toy collection will be complete, and I will finally have all the toys I need. This is thanks to Barnes and Noble! Thanks for giving me The Flash, you are the true MVP!


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