I don’t know how to start this blog, other than to say hi, welcome to story time with Blake. This story is kind of scaring me, as I could get into a little trouble for my actions, but at the same time, the story is way too amazing to not tell you guys. I have never had this happen to me before, but honestly it has always been a fear of mine. Ever since I started working, I knew one day this was going to happen, either to me or to one of my co-workers. Sadly it had to happen to me, on the busiest night of the week.

It was Friday night, at work. The night was slowly dragging on, we weren’t as busy as usual, but we were steady enough to keep us moving. It was hot, miserably hot, my body was weak and I was drenched with sweat. I kept looking at the non-moving clock, hoping that it would hit that 11th hand, so we could close up. The customers weren’t as annoying, as usual, but they did seem to want a lot of food. I didn’t understand the point of getting hot food on a hot night, but that’s a question I will never have an answer to.

    During one of the slow times, I decided to go into the cooler to chill off. This was usually where I came to get away from the customers, and think. I grabbed the book for work, and walked into the cooler to get away. While in the cooler, I did my pre-shift, my nightly checklist, and planned every break for the night. Feeling that my crew needed me, I walked out of the cooler, and back up to the front. When I rounded the corner, there was only one customer in the store. But instead of retreating back into the cooler, I decided to go clean the store a bit deeper, getting under all surfaces and making sure the night was going to stay smooth. I started cleaning, but as I cleaned under each surface, more people began to pile in. I stepped away from the chemicals, washed my hands, and got on a register.

    The rush only lasted 10-minutes, so no harm was done to the store. It was now time for the breaks. My grill person, Henry, was up for his break. This meant that I needed to get back on the grill and make orders. This was nice for the first few minutes, but then a line of people came into the store. This was okay, I was fully ready to take their orders head-on. As I was about to Mike Tyson those orders, the people started to disperse. We missed a big rush, but at that moment I realized, I didn’t have my keys. There wasn’t an initial panic. I usually set my keys down, and walk away without them, that is simply “Blake being Blake..” I started by looking by the register, it wasn’t there, so I walked back to the manager room, yet again not there. I walked around the corner and saw that the kid that went on break was walking in. I walked up to him and asked him if he had my keys, he said no. I tried to think of the last place I had them, and that’s when it clicked. I had them on the top of our salad cooler, with our schedules. I walked up front and looked, but there was no luck.

    This is when the panicking started to sink in. I kept thinking “What if a customer grabbed the keys?” I quickly texted my boss, telling him a customer most likely had my keys, and that I needed into the cooler to get a case of fries. He replied. He said what I figured he would have “how would a customer have your keys?” I now had to admit that I left my keys, unattended, while I was in the back. But I didn’t tell him that, I simply didn’t want to get in trouble, so I told him I had a hole in my pocket, and it most likely fell out of my pocket. Being annoyed, he demanded that I left a message, telling him what size pants I needed. This didn’t solve my problem of not being able to get into the cooler. Being completely wrecked emotionally, from this situation, I tried to find other ways into the cooler. I googled “How to get a locked door open.” The main answer was lock picking, so that’s when I pulled up a how-to video on that subject. The videos were 5-10 minutes long each, which was time I didn’t have, but I sat down and watched the first video. The guy laid out some amazing tips and instructions for a quick pick. I grabbed the materials (Paper clips) and set out to pick this lock. During this time, my co-workers laughed as I tried to pick our cooler lock.

     After moments of trying and failing, I slammed my hand against the door. The impact must have made a vibration through my brain, because I remembered where I sat my keys down at, in the cooler. I sat my keys down on the yogurt, while I checked the dates of certain items. Now, we had a serious problem. We were locked out of the cooler, I didn’t have my keys, and no one was near to give me their keys. I didn’t want to tell my General manager tat I locked my keys in the cooler, because he actually drove from his home (45 minutes away), at 5 am, to let me in the store, the day before. So I told him that I found my keys. I needed a solid plan so that I could get my keys, without letting anyone else know, and it had to happen fast, there was no time to waste.

    As we sat around the door, a light bulb started glowing. I had a risky, but great plan. I ran to the back of the store, got in our tool box, and ran back to the door wielding a Philips screwdriver. The crew shook their head as they knew my plan. I was about to take the door off its hinges. This was a scary plan, as a thousand things could go wrong, but I knew this was the only option. I started to twist the screwdriver, releasing the pressure of each screw. I got through the first hinge with no problem, but as I went on to the middle one, the top metal piece, fell onto my head. I grasped my head, as Henry picked up the metal piece. I shook it off and went back to work. The second hinge was now off, only one more to go. With the other two gone, it seemed easier for the third to come off. As I released the last screw, the door made a loud pop, and the door fell backwards. Henry was holding it though. I pushed the door out of the way, and walked into the cooler. I grabbed my cold keys, and walked back out. I now had my keys, but that wasn’t the problem, now I had to put the door back on. This was more of a problem than getting it off. None of the screws wanted to go back into the hole. The more I twisted, the more I realized,  I might have to call my GM after all.

   Knowing the consequences this would have, I used all my might to get the screw into the hole. After minutes of twisting, pushing, cussing and yelling, the screw finally screwed back into the wall. I quickly screwed in asa many as I could, but the customers came. They were hungry, and they didn’t want to wait. So we paused momentarily and went up front. After the customers were helped, we all went back to the previous position,. Henry was holding the door, and Elsa was cheering for us to get it done, as she wanted to go home. I finished screwing in the second hinge, but this time the screw driver left a large amount of grease on my hand. I ran over to wash my hands, but it wouldn’t come off. I then took a handful of soap and started to dig my fingers into my dirty hand. This was helping, the grease was starting to fade, leaving my precious hands a bright red. Knowing that the screwdriver was leaving this residue, I grabbed a pair of gloves.

   After applying the gloves, I finished screwing in the last few screws. Moments after I screw in the last screw, Henry informed me there were a few customers in the lobby. I realized that Elsa actually was gone. I ran up front, and helped each one. Though, I was being a complete prick to them, trying to get them to leave, they didn’t seem to mind. They ordered a few items, waited patiently, and left quickly with a smile on their face. After the lobby was empty again, I went back and finished the door. I opened the door to see if it was together correctly, which it was. The excitement in my heart was intense. I felt extremely accomplished for doing it all by myself, but also relieved that I didn’t have to tell anyone that I locked my keys in the cooler.
It has always been a fear of mine, to lock my keys in the cooler, and though I am not shocked it happen, I am shocked that it has taken this long to occur. I can be a bit air-headish at times, but that is what makes me Blake. I wouldn’t be the same, without that sad quality. This hasn’t been the month for me! I have almost destroyed my eyesight, I have lost my keys, and now I have locked my keys in the cooler. Luckily, this month is almost over, or I might have lost my car! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this story, and feel free to leave a laughing emoji, if you liked it!    


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  1. This sounds like something I would do! 😄

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