That story is coming ;)

Posted: June 14, 2016 in Uncategorized
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    I posted a Challenge on Facebook, yesterday. The rules were simple; if I got a certain amount of likes and comments, I would inform you guys of my crazy, yet fun, Friday night. With the criteria being made, I will spend time writing that post, tomorrow, and it will go up tomorrow night.
    This story involves my job and a genius mind. In the face of trouble. What would you do? Would you run and hide, or would you do what it takes to get things done?
    I am still uncertain with what consequences this story might bring, but it’s too funny to not tell. I am sure that it won’t draw too much attention, but if it does, I will need donations for rent….
    Other than that, I hope you guys are having a great finals night. Tonight, I predict that the GSW will cap off the series, defeating Cleveland, and holding a back-to-back championship. The score will be within 15 points, meaning no blowout. Curry will come alive, Thompson will have 20+ points, Andre will start and hold Lebron to within 20+, finally the MVP will be *drum rolls* Clay Thompson or Shaun Livingston!!!!!!!!!
I am no genius, so please don’t quote me on anything. I maybe watch 10 games out of the season, but it’s fun to make up a whole bunch of shit…haha

So anyways, I wanted to tell you, that I will be posting that story tomorrow. It could come up a little later, but it will be up tomorrow. Until then, get some rest, enjoy this weather, and have a beautiful night 🙂 I love you, beautifuls



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