The Runaway! Do you want more?

Posted: June 13, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I read one of my old stories today. When I was reading this story, I started to remember another story I wrote. It was a 4-part series, but I just want to share the first part, of the story. If you guys want to read the rest, let me know!

Here I am proving how worthless I am sitting in a bathtub as a party is being unleashed under me. The party has gotten to the point that I couldn’t read anymore, so I thought that it would be a good idea for me to take a relaxing bubble bath. I am sure that it would have been better if the party didn’t get louder as I got in to the bath. I swear in the last hour I have heard a hundred bottles break against the walls, and at least a dozen people empty their previous dinner onto my roommates floor.

This is going to be a long night if the party continues to carry on like this, meaning no sleep for me tonight, but there is good news and that is they invited me to this party. I never get invited to parties, not since I was the reason all my friends got busted under age. I accidentally called an emergency number, as I talked to one of my crushes. The cops came shortly, and arrested three of my good friends, while everyone else split through the yard and out the windows. I tried escaping out of the back door of the house and over the fence, but was caught by a cop as I climbed over the fence.

He searched my body, finding my cell phone in my back pocket. He checked my history to see if I was the one that called them, everyone was able to hear the cop ask me if I called, he made it sound as if  I wanted them to come. Everyone hated me after that night, three of my best friends told me to never talk to them again, which I get, since one of them lost their scholarship because of that night; I haven’t been invited to a party since, but tonight they asked me to come, but I thought that I had plans.

I was suppose to go to the library to research with some of my friends, the research was for  a project in my English class, the project wasn’t due for almost a month, but its never to early to get it done. But as I was getting ready the three I was going with called me, they told me they couldn’t make it due to a weird bug going around. This left me alone again on a Friday night.
With all of that on my plate, I decided to take the night and catch up on the Hunger Games books, I got half way through the second book then the party got started, it wasn’t as bad in the beginning but as I got closer to the good part, the bass seemed to drop. From that point on, I was unable to concentrate. Not having much of a choice, I laid down the book and went to relax in a warm bubble bath, which was going good until now. I just heard someone outside of the door. It sounded like three guys, they are probably spying in on me, trying to get a little eye action, so I will give it to them.
I shot straight up out of the bathtub facing my back towards them, leaving bottom bare.

I heard one of the guys whistle, I simply rolled my eye then told them to “go fuck the dog downstairs, pervs”. The guys started to laugh and pound on the door. One of the guys yelled back though, saying “You’re not even attractive, ugly virgin.” They pounded on the door for a few more seconds and left.

I don’t know why I let them get to me, I have everything that they want, I have the highest G.P.A in my school, and a full ride to any college I want to go to. But this is one of those things that hurt badly, so bad that I am crying right now due to it.

After the guys left the door, I sat back in the tub, laying my head back and closing my eyes, relaxing every muscle in my body. I was in that bathtub for almost an hour when the music stopped playing, it seemed as if the party has stopped, making the close clear for me to get up again. So I got out of the water put on clothes and went down my hallway towards my room, but as I got to my door to my room, I felt a strong freezing breeze come up my night gown. I figured this was of Amanda’s doing, because she loves to leave the windows open while partying. She says its a way to let people puke outside instead of inside, even though it never happens like that, but if she thinks so, let her keep cleaning the puke off the floor. But for tonight the windows will be shut. I am not freezing my nipples off for anyone.

I attempted to call her, but it went straight to voicemail. I walked down the stairs after a few more attempts. I hope that the party is actually over, or this will be awkward. A 23-year-old woman coming to a party with Spongebob Pajamas, with her hair all mess and with no make-up. I don’t even think I shaved my armpits, let me check…Nope they are still holding Sasquatch. That would defiantly be embaresing to be seen with forest pits in front of the hottest guys in Glennview.

As I rapped around the stairs, I saw that there was a guy  passed out on our couch. I continued through the house shutting all of the windows. I came to the last open window and went to close it, but as I grabbed the window seal, a hand came through the window and grabbed my arm, I screamed trying to push the hand of me, but it wouldn’t budge. Amanda appeared from the dark and started to cry. I asked what was wrong, she couldn’t speak, but then she muttered “There is a maniac coming this way.” My heart froze. 

This is the original. I will be going back to edit these, shortly. But only if you guys want the other parts!




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