I might kill someone, tonight!

Posted: June 11, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I hate Friday Nights.


    I work in fast food, and when you work in fast food, you form a slight annoyance towards certain people. I work in fast food inside a Wal-mart. I have formed many different annoyances for people. I can’t stand those people that come in and say “Ummm, uh, yeah I need.” This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. We haven’t changed our menu in almost 3-years, so what is hard about ordering? The next are those customers that don’t need the handicapped scooters, yet I see them come into my lobby, get off them, order and then get back on them. But the thing that makes me mad the most, is people that like to slide their feet on wet floors, it happens that is what Friday nights are full of.
     I was mopping my floor, getting the store ready for the next shift, when a couple came in. I stopped mopping, and went back up to the register. I stood in front of the register patiently waiting for them to step up. They seemed to be having troubles figuring what they wanted to eat, so I gave them the time. I walked over to the fry station and started to clean it out. I hear a big “ummm,” so I think they are ready, I turn around to see that they are still in the same spot, as before. I turn back around and continue to clean the fry station.

      Finally!  They were ready to order. I walk over to the register and ask what I could get for them. They both looked at me, looked back up at the screen, and let out a big “UHHHHHHHH…” I started to lose a little patience, as I see a line starting to form. They finally ordered a couple items, and went to sit down. I took the rest of the orders and now was bagging the food. When I was bagging the customers food, I hear the motorized scooters backing up. I turn around to see that a couple teenagers (kids of the “UHH” parents) were screwing around with the scooters.
I let it go, I continued to bag the peoples food. I wanted to get these people out as fast as possible. I got all the food together, and offered it to them. They stood there. I called it out again, they did the same thing as before. After moments of waiting, I walked their food out to them. I told them to have a great night, they were all smiles as they said the same, and they left. The lobby was empty, I could go back to cleaning. I pick up my mop, walk back over to the spot I was cleaning. The lobby was destroyed. Where I had spent time mopping, was now marked up with tire marks. The waste of time is what made me the maddest. I spend a lot of time on lobby, ensuring that the customers walk into a nice store, and in five minutes, someone can ruin that.
That is what makes me the most mad. People see a wet flood, and want to run through it, or shuffle their feet, hell I have even seen a kid dance on it. I hate those people. I compare this to a quote from my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Brue, she would always tell her class “You get out of this class, what you put in.” When I see these people destroy a lobby, or uncaringly walk on a wet floor, or even use a scooter that’s not for them, you have to wonder what their life is like outside of this place. Though it isnt my business, I just want to know. They couldn’t have a good job, not with their laziness. They couldn’t have a clean house, when they think it’s okay to shuffle through wet floors and dirt piles. They couldn’t be happy with their life, when they make other peoples life miserable. Sadly, I get at least 20 of these customers a day. I get even more on Friday night. This world is sadly full of people that are too incompetent to function like a normal human being! It annoys me so much, okay rant over!

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