I got fan mail! Sending yours to my email.

Posted: June 9, 2016 in Uncategorized
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The other day.
I have been needing to talk about this, but I haven’t thought about it, while writing, so I will take today, and tell you guys about this amazing gift I got in the mail. This was the first time I have received mail from another writer, fan, or friend, so to me it was very special. It might seem small to some people, but that isnt the case. The fact is that this person took time out of their schedule, and spent time to make this gift. Size doesn’t matter if the gift is from the heart.

I was checking my mail, one day, and I found that this amazing post card was there. I looked at the back of the piece of paper to see that it was addressed for me, and not someone else. When it confirmed that it was the right postcard, I began to read the long note, on the back. The note told me about how the artist loves grapes. On the postcard (shown below), she drew me a pineapple, as she absolutely adores them, and as a child she would love to drink the juice. I love pineapple juice, its really delicious, so we are the same on that, which is also cool. She told me to keep the card well, so now it hangs on my desk. I love the card, since it came from another artist, and a fan. I love getting this kind of stuff in the mail, but this time, I love it even more because of all the effort that was put into the gift. She is an amazing artist, and a very down to earth girl.

In the note, she told me about her new clothing store that is opening soon. I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to go check that out, but sadly the link doesn’t work. I hope that she sees this, and informs us of what is going on. But I do know one thing you guys can do. GIPostcards has her own blog, one that she post her own handmade postcards. I would really appreciate if you could follow the link to her blog. She is very creative and has amazing ideas. The Link is Here. Go check it out!


If you guys would like to send me some art, or anything else. Please do send it. I would love to see your work, and anytime you send me something, I will write a post (like this one) about it. I am excited to see what you guys send.

Gregbjenkins23@gmail.com – send anything you want to this email. I will respond in moments, and I will try to have a post up in about 1-2 weeks. Depending on what is going on. Thank you guys!

Impromtdude @ Facebook.com/impromtdude


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