Impromts Top Ten: Parentless leads to Hopelessness…a remembering

Posted: June 7, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Impromts Top Ten: Parentless leads to Hopelessness
This was one of my favorites. I want you guys to see the raw version. But soon I will be touching base on this again! Hope you enjoy!


One thing that upsets me is the fact that no one wants to stand up and be a parent these days. I grew up with one parent my whole life, and let me tell you, it messed me up pretty badly. I had no one with a strong positive personality to look up to for almost half of my twenty-year-old life, which took a deep affect in my structure.

My mother left me in foster care when I was ten. I went through many years of abuse and fighting. The fighting included: Fighting with my mother, fighting for food, fighting for shelter. I had to grow up in such an early part of my life, and at the end I was forced into a place I didn’t want to be in.

Foster care sucks! I had to deal with the constant reminder that my mother failed as a parent. A parent will never leave their child, they should be willing to go to the end of the world to save their child from pain, but she didn’t. This made me bitter.

Though it’s not important if I lost my virginity or not, this is important. Since my mother left me in that horrible place, I was angry with women, telling myself that they needed to pay for what happened to me. I started to play the game.The game comes with a territory. The game is to get as many women as you can.

Then when you have the women, you have to keep your territory. The territory that I am talking about is your heart. You have to keep that out of the relationship! Which if you play the game as I did, anytime they got in your territory, you break their heart.You will push them away as fast and hard as your mother (or father) did. You will rip their heart out like you had your heart ripped out.

Those fatherless years also hurt me. Though it wasn’t my father’s fault that he wasn’t there for me in the growing years, it still destroyed me personally. I wasn’t able to look up to my father on how to become a man. To all the men that are reading this: DON’T LEAVE YOUR POST.

Stop running every time that you don’t know what to do or when you don’t want to must be that role-model that you need to be. You have a responsibility as a father to stand your ground and to be there to teach your kid how to act towards women and to other humans. Whatever you do they will do likewise.

I get angry very easily, and I believe sometimes it’s because my father wasn’t able to teach me the right way to grow up. I was taught by my mother that lashing out was out, that abuse was the way of expressing yourself. This isn’t the way that I want to be though; I don’t want to be that guy that needs to lay his hands on people to get what he wants. Or I don’t want to be the guy that yells every time someone gets on my last nerve.With my father being out of my life, I also got angry with men, I felt like it was man’s fault that my father wasn’t there for me.

I began to stop letting men into my life. I still have that fear and continue to have a wall built up. I find it’s hard to be hurt if you don’t have anyone in your life.

I want every parent today to look at their life. I want you to ask yourself, what you have done to be there for your child. What have you done to prevent your daughter from losing her virginity out of anger? Or what have you done to prevent your boy from ripping every girl’s heart and leaving them to die? It is your responsibility to teach and guide them! If you fail as a parent, most likely your child will also fail. They do what they see!



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