Impromptu Saturday: Computer vs. Phone.

Posted: June 5, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Computer vs. Phone.


There is a place for everything. In life there isn’t enough time for everything, but there is enough time for anything. You just have to pick how you want to spend your time, and how you will do the such activities. If you are like me, you would choose to write but the problem would be, how do you do the activity, with your life being at a fast pace, a speed that causes most people to stop doing any extracurricular activities, and the answer is to do it at every free second. Now how is it possible to write when you don’t have a computer, how do I do it? The answer is simple, I write smaller thoughts through my mobile device.

Though, I like to write my blogs on the computer, so they are safe and saved for future reference, sometimes I am too busy to sit down at a computer, and spend thirty-minutes writing. Life is too busy to do that, at all times, so there has to be some kind of middle ground, just incase I cant get to my computer. That is why I love using my mobile device to write, especially when I’m out of town.

I don’t write anything special, on my phone, because I want to have a saved copy of the work. In those cases, which I can’t get to my computer, I will write short blogs (usually revolving around my day) that will allow me to post something, and give me some more time to get home, to my computer. I usually don’t like to post, off my phone, but it is needed for the emergency moments. This is why I love that I have a smart phone, and why I love how far our generation has come.

I would love to always be around my computer, and to send out amazing blogs with it, every night. This doesn’t happen, though, sometimes life calls me other places, and I can’t say no. But I also have this as my second job, which means that I can’t allow small things to get in my way. This is why I love my computer and my mobile device, they are both amazing for writing! Both help me become the most amazing writer, ever! 

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