I have to work late tonight, which is usually when I post my blog. Since I have to work tonight, I wrote a post for tonight, a couple days ago, but I don’t think its ready for the public. So instead, I will be giving you a “Top 10” list of my favorite superheroes. This is including both Marvel and DC. Ten being my bottom pick. I hope that you guys like this. I am going off of movies, and what I know of the comics. Everyone should know my number one!

10. Black Widow.


9. Ant-man.


8. Superman.


7. Iron man.


6. Batman


5. Captain America


4. Thor


3. DeadPool.


2. The hulk


1. The Flash


The list is complete, now its your turn! Who do you love the most? Tell me, and if I can get at least 3 comments, I will post the results in another post! I hope you guys enjoyed this short post, and I will see you tomorrow, for “Impromptu Saturday.”

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