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Posted: June 2, 2016 in Uncategorized
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    Today, my wife was at work. She has new Tea Urns, the same as my store, so I was there to show her how to put them in. I showed her the first one, and she decided that she wanted to do the second one. She tried to put the plastic bin into the Urn, but her short structure limited her to do so. So she tries to pull the Urn off the counter, and it fell onto her foot.

An instant set of tears ran from her eyes, as she groaned. I ran to the far side of the store, grabbed a chair, and took it to her. She sat down in the chair. Not knowing if she was bleeding, she decided to remove her shoe. She pulled her sock off which revealed a big lump, the same lump I had when I fractured my foot. I called her boss, and got the okay to go to the emergency room. I drove her to the emergency room, which we sat in for about 30 minutes, a record setting time for them, honestly.

When they called her back, the nurse didn’t seem to alarmed, instead she told her that it had a good chance on being okay, though I told her she would look sexy with a peg leg. The x-ray came back negative, indicating that there was just a lot of bruising. The doctor gave her a leave of absence, from work, and some beautiful crutches. She came home and lied peacefully on the couch. Though she is in pain, she will be okay. She is a very strong and stubborn girl. She is already trying to walk on it, so I give her less than a week, before she is up at 100% again.

    Recently I have picked up a new hobby, golf. I have been training myself, to be the best. This includes hours of putting and perfecting my golf swing. I recently bought this amazing golf driving mat. It has the grass of a fairway, the rough, and a small hole, where you can put your golf tee, to drive. It has been helping me, a lot. I have seen a great increases on my range and accuracy.

We were all sitting around, waiting for our mother to get out of the bathroom, so we could start “pride and prejudice and zombies,” so I decided this was the perfect time to go practice, in my basement. I quickly grabbed my driver, and my practice mat. I walked down to my basement and set the mat in front of my net. I was hitting the net, but I wanted to swing fully, (I couldn’t fully swing due to the ceiling height) so I choked up on the club. I practiced swinging, without the ball there, trying to see if there would be interference with the ceiling. The answer was no, so I placed the ball on the tee, and let off one powerful swing.
The ball shot off the tee, but from the choked up swing, the ball trailed off to the right, smacking a brick wall. I looked up as the ball connected square in my eye. My body shot back, falling quick and hard to the ground. I instantly got in the fetal position, flashes of light rang through my eyes, I grabbed my head. I was rubbing my eye, hoping to feel no blood, but as I went over my eyelid, blood began to pour out. I got up from the ground, and stumbled through the basement, up the stairs and into the living room.

I yelled for Ariel, I told her I screwed up. When she first saw me, she thought that it was a joke, as I pull those on her frequently, but as I got closer, she saw the gash in my eye. Fear struck her as she got up from the couch, blood was running down my face, I had no vision in the eye, it was all red. We went into the kitchen, and she played doctor. I got ice, put it on my eye, and lied on the ground. I started freaking out, praying that my eyesight wouldn’t cease me. I fell asleep as the water, from my eyes, ran down my cheek.

I woke up 30 minutes later, I opened my eyes, and could see. The vision isn’t back to 100%, but that’s okay. I have a feeling that this is going to take a few days to get back to normal. But I have learned one thing, today, that is- today really sucks, oh and I shouldn’t golf in the house…..




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