Chase away the feelings of sadness

Posted: May 27, 2016 in Uncategorized
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   On Tuesday, I took a few seconds to share my opinion on my writing career. It was nice to share some heart-to-heart ideas with you guys. I have learned a lot over the past couple years, things that I will use to further my life. But today, I will be sharing my opinion on something more serious. My opinion on this topic is very serious.
    Big Bang Theory is almost over…..I am on the eighth season, the last one on DVD, and we are almost done with it. What happens when this train is over? What will I do with my time? I can’t just move on, I can’t act like I’m not missing something. The big bang theory has been a big part of my last few months, I go to work, I come home, I drink some soda and watch another episode. But now I am almost done with the season. I have thought about watching another show, such as my wife, but Greys Anatomy isn’t doing it. I do have plan on going back and watching the classic “The Flash” series, but it’s only one season, I won’t be distracted long.
    The Walking Dead comics are doing amazing, they are long and very interesting. I am contrasting them to the show, and so far they are similar in a lot of different ways. I will be covering that in a future blog, but for now, I want to continue my rant about The Big Bang Theory by talking about how it might end in the next year, possibly after season 10.
     The director said that he will try to keep it going, but he didn’t promise anything. This means that my life might come to an end soon. I have already watched 1-8 seasons of TBBT, which means that I only have 2 seasons left. I hope that something amazing comes along and catches my attention, if not we will probably see a crazy flesh eating Zombie, named Blake, plaguing the streets of Springfield!
Not a store in town sell a Flash Pop doll! Like what crazy town do I live in. The flash is the damn bomb!




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