Cold baths and warm blogs.

Posted: May 26, 2016 in Uncategorized
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It has been very hot here. Even in the past, through the heat, I have been able to write. But this heat is a lot worse than before. This heat has been kicking my butt, and is causing me to stand far from my laptop, and away from the writing world. The sweat is in my eyes, the heat is getting to my head, the words are becoming my worse nightmares. This heat needs to stop, or I might be dying….or at least writing from my bathtub.

Yesterday, while being on my day off, I attempted to write a new post. This was the post that went up yesterday, a post that I thought was going to be amazing. This it was, but it came at a great cost. The weather was, as it is today, a burning hell. This helped my house become a oven, and it happened that I was a loaf of bread, raising and burning in that oven. It was nice when I got home from doing my morning drive, I hoped that the day would be this nice. When I got home, I took a small nap in attempt to clear my head and get ready for a day of writing. This was the plan but that didn’t happen.

I woke up from my nap and I had a big headache. This was just great, how could I write if I had a headache? I asked myself, so in attempt to lose the headache, I jumped in a cool shower. The shower helped my head get off ten. I was feeling pretty good, but it also took a lot of my time away from writing. I knew that I needed to make up for that time, so I decided to pace myself enough to get everything done, this was averaging 2 post per hour for 3 hours. This was going to be a rough task, but it was needed to be done.

    I got out of the shower, and sat down at my desk. My hair was still wet, my eyes were still blurry from the water, but I needed to get start. My damp fingers began to type a beautiful post, but as I got to the end of that post, I saw the words in a whole new set of eyes. My eyesight was close to gone, it was blurry, my head was back at ten and I was breaking out into a sweat. I felt dizzy, so I found myself on the floor, looking up at the ceiling. The thought of the post was on my mind, I knew that I needed to get this post done, so ignoring the dizziness, I got back up on my chair and tried to finish the post. It was going all right, but then I fell out of my chair.

I found myself next to a fan, knowing that was the problem, I was hot. I tried to do too much with an overheated body and it caused me to miss out on a boat load of time to write. That is my fault. I shouldn’t have forced myself to go so hard, especially knowing my body and how it reacts to the heat. I do promise to be more careful, but also this could be a sign that I need to get away from the heat. With Alaska being a dream home, maybe the evidence of not being able to write in heat will persuade my wife to move. This is hopeless thinking, but it is worth the try. So Ariel, if you are reading, please do me a favor and pack our stuff, we are moving when I’m done. To all my fans, I am currently in a bathtub, writing you guys this post. The ice is melting, that is how hot I am, so if you wouldn’t mind, close the f$%^#@% door, geez you guys are so inappropriate! Can’t I write without people peaking into my bathroom……   

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