The reason for being depressed.

Posted: May 21, 2016 in Uncategorized
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A big disappointment!
I walked out of my workplace and to my car, it was a beautiful day. It was slightly raining, which is how I like it! We just got paid and I was ready to go spend some cash on a new laptop. The laptop was one that was written down due to overstock. With the computer being so cheap, My wife and I decided that both of us would get one, her for work and Netflix, and me for writing and porn. It was a great plan.
When we first saw the laptop, a few weeks back, we weren’t really wanting to spend the money so we told ourselves “oh next pay.” We thought that the laptops would still be on sale and that we would finally have something nice. So we get into our beat up Ford and drive over to the far-side Walmart. Though, not being a big fan of Walmart electronics, it was marked down low enough to snag it up with no true regrets. Also, it was a new laptop, why wouldn’t you get it?
We got to Wal-mart and walked in. I needed to buy some transmission fluid, so that was the first stop. We looked for a good few minutes, as we couldn’t find the transmission fluid, since it was beside a line of motor oil with the same label. After collecting a few bottles for the car, we rounded the corner into the electronics. Having a feeling that the laptop wouldn’t be there, I made a few other purchases first; we looked at the aux wires, the clearance for electronics and the movies. After our hearts were ready for disappointment, we walked over the laptops.
The laptop was there. It was a light blue HP with all the perks I want, but there was no price tag. I was confused, so I walked over to the other side where the other higher priced laptops sit. “How can I help you?” an employee asked. I explained to him that we wanted the light blue laptop and that it was recently discounted. He agreed that the laptop was a discounted item but that they had sold out of the product and they aren’t getting anymore in. He told me that they were at other stores, but they weren’t at the cheap price as here, which I knew. I was upset, the one  time I wanted something nice and had the money, it was gone? Just my luck.
It does seem like every time that something is going my way, something else has to happen to cause me to not get my way. It is like the universe doesn’t want me happy, so it will throw mountains in my way so that I stumble. Let me tell you, it is getting very annoying. I only want something nice, just once. But for now I will continue to write on my tablet and watch my porn on the T.V. (That is a joke!) Hopefully one day I can get something nice. I laugh and shut my tablet. 


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