More writing……YAY!

Posted: May 19, 2016 in Uncategorized
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More writing, holy crap.
When I started this blog, I was using a lot of prompts to get ideas, since I was dealing with writers block and couldn’t find ideas. This led to me getting a prompt book called “642 things to write about.” It actually has 642 prompts that you can write about, I counted, and they are actually really effective. I found that the more I looked at this book, the better I was getting at forming new ideas. That is when I decided to buy a few more of the prompt books.
I never got to finish the 642 book, since my dog wanted to chew it up, but I did get a few books, they contained between 300-800 prompts, some were duplicates between the books, but it all helped. I spent a few months using those books, but I started to get more confident with my writing skills, and all the ideas that I had. Though I don’t use the prompts, I still love to snag the books when I see them.
I was in Barnes and Noble,  a few weeks ago, when I saw that the same company that made “642 things to write about” came out with a second books, the book was titled “712 more things to write about.” My wife had to hold me down as I got overexcited in public. She bought it for me, for a Birthday present, one of the best presents, ever. Since I bought it, though, I haven’t touched it, until last night. I grabbed the book off of my desk, and sat on the brand new carpet we just bought. As I looked through the book, I saw prompts that were brand new, some were duplicates but a majority weren’t.
I want to start using prompts again, not because I need to but because I want to. I don’t need the prompts, but they are a nice addition to the blog, and it would help bring the original roots back. I had a challenge going, a few months back, about writing about a prompt everyday for a year. Though, I wouldn’t be able to do a year, day to day, (Simply have too many other projects) I could do a day a week or something. Those details will come soon, I will also be using my other prompt books and my finish the story book. I cant wait!


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