Scripts are in the future.

Posted: May 13, 2016 in Uncategorized
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What would it be like?


What would it be like to star in a movie? Though being an actor isn’t in my future, the idea of writing a movie is still exciting and alive. A few days ago I was tagged in a status, by a friend, about making a movie. The status was saying that if Sharknados was made, then anyone can make a movie. This made me think, what would it be like to write a movie? Then the thought of my past came up, and I remembered that I once started to write a movie.

It was going to be a horror movie. A group of survivors were going to be stuck in an apartment, and every time they would try to leave, the killer would then chase them. Since the apartment only had one exit, this killer could easily pick off his victims. This is what made it hard for the survivors. They would try to gang up on the killer, but every time they did, the killer would fight back. He was stronger than them, so it would force them back inside.

The killer was outside, the victims were inside. They were trying to find a way out, but nothing was working. Since the killer was secured outside, the victims began to relax. They sat back, popped open the cans of beer and enjoyed their company. The night was growing old, and they were winding down. After locking the door, they all went to bed. When they woke up, they saw that the killer was gone. The building wasn’t damaged, as the night before, and the cars tire was fixed. But as they went to leave, they noticed that the lock was removed and turned around, putting the lock on the outside. As they got scared, they heard a man in the house. It was the killer.

This was when I was a beginning writer, but the idea is funny to me now. I would never publish this idea or even attempt to re-write the script, but when my friend tagged me in the post; I began to believe in myself, even more. Maybe one day, I will be a publish writer and one of my stories could become a movie! That would be a dream come true! But for now I will keep writing and keeping the faith. I am good enough, I just need to get my gears rolling.

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