Writers Block: Pt. 2

Posted: May 12, 2016 in Uncategorized
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What is the hardest part?
I have been doing this for a while now, and I have wondered; what is the hardest part of being a writer? Is it the long nights, sitting in front of a computer screen, or the idea making process, maybe it’s the writing alone? These are some hard things, but there is only one that has been affecting me lately, that being the idea making process. It has become hard to come up with any good ideas, or ones that I haven’t talked about before, that is.
I have been doing this for a few years, making the chances of “new” ideas hard to come up with sometimes. When I cant find something to write about, that hasn’t already been talked about, I begin to stress, and overwhelm myself with self-doubt, saying that I am not a good writer, or that I am not a true author, because authors never run out of ideas, HA. I laugh at myself for thinking such foolishness, every writer has these days. This is a part of writing, the worst part for most, that is. It is the fact of not being able to write words onto the blank page, or to paint a new picture on a blank canvas. This is when Writers block becomes a friend.
I was a victim of a long writers block. I lost all the passion I had, for writing. I took a “break” from writing, in order to try to beat the writers block, that way, but that didn’t work. The longer that I stayed down, the harder it became to get back into the game. I was a lost sailor at sea, waiting for a wave to bring me home, but the currents were calm, there was no rain, nothing. I was in the middle of the ocean, with no hope; I had nothing but faith, that one day, I would get back into writing, and I would be better than ever. This didn’t happen, though. I found myself deeper into the ocean, until I couldn’t see the land, anymore. This is what Writers block feels like, it feels like you’re lost and alone. It takes you down, and makes you its tormented slave. You will obey its commands, and nothing will be said. You now are a dead writer with no hope in sight.
I know this guy named Larry. He is a great writer, but something has happened, recently. He has began to write a new blog, but as he got into a rhythm, he stopped. He said that he had nothing to write about, and that he would start to write, again, shortly. It sounds more like he has been filled with self-doubt that has caused a small case of writers block. This is a scary place to be in, just starting a blog and you already have become weary of what you want to post. This man needs help, and so don’t you guys!
I am talking to those on a “break” from writing. This is not a break, this is a prison!!! Stop your break, right now, and get back into the game. This is a serious issue. I don’t know what happened, weather you are tired of stats, bored of writing, or cant find an idea, you can’t give up! You have to find some way to fight back. For me, Fight back is writing everything, in my head, down, and finding a way to make a post out of it. This is also when you need to break all the rules, and post things, you have already posted.
It wont matter if you posted that content, before. If you give up, due to that, then what is the point on making it a big deal, you are done, anyway. You will find yourself posting some of the same ideas, that is life. I know that I have posted the same ideas, many times, but that is what makes an author, himself. You can’t expect to have something brand new, every day, it’s simply impossible. You are human, certain ideas will never change. If you are afraid of running out of ideas, then remember; If you are planning on writing something new, every time, then you might as well stop now. Posting the same material is fine, sometimes the second post will be more detailed, than the first. Never allow the doubt stop you from writing. It might be you’re bored, or tired, or blah but you can’t let Writers block stop you. In writing, there are no vacations, stop lying to yourself!  


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