Rude people.

Posted: May 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
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   I am sitting here, at McDonald’s, waiting to get my food. My wife is sick, but she wanted something salty, so I wanted to get something quick. What is a better place, than McDonald’s, to get quick and salty food, preferably fries. I drove up to the speaker and waited. Soon this girl comes across the intercom.
   She started out the order with “what would you want?,” being a manager, I sensed that this girl was trained horribly, and that I wasn’t going to be satisfied. Since I didn’t want to drive through town to find another McDonald’s, I dealt with the rude intro, hoping it would get better, it didn’t.
   I politely said “I would like a number 7 with a Sprite.” There was a silence, then she came across the intercom again, “what drink?!?” She sounded annoyed, but I repeated. She asks, in a snobby voice, what sauce I wanted. I rolled my eyes, becoming  intolerant of her ignorance, and repeated my sauce choice. Seconds pass until she shouted my total. She didn’t tell me what window, since it was late, which led me to the wrong window. After waiting for a few minutes, I drove to the second window.
    It seemed that no one was working, from the look through the window, I waited. She finally came to the window, turned around and took another order, after finishing out an order, she opened the window and told me my total again. No “how are you?,” or “good evening.” She told me my total, and grabbed my ten. She cashed me out, and gave me crumpled up ones, with the change in the receipt.
   She walked from my view, but came back seconds later. She told me that I needed to pull forward, which I understand, I love fresh fries, anyways. But when I got my food, 4 minutes later, I grabbed a salty fry, only to notice that it wasn’t fresh. The fries were probably 2-4 minutes old. The worse part, though, was the fact that she didn’t say anything, she shoved the bag into my hand, and walked back inside.

I don’t understand why it’s so hard to be nice? If you can’t be decent to customers, then don’t get into that line of work. I am the reason you have a job, so treat me with some respect! I hate rude people. Your job isn’t that hard, especially since I was the only person in line!!!!!




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