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Posted: May 5, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Lets add some fun.


With this blog taking off, I want to introduce a few new ways to contact me, or to interact with me. Impromtdude is great, but there is something missing. There isn’t enough humor on the Facebook page. Though, Impromtdude is a blog, I also want to incorporate funny memes and conversations, into the page. This will put a brand new face on Impromtdude, and give others something to look at, on my page, other than my blog post. Though, it is important to read my blogs, I know some of you already have read it, but want something else to look at. That is why it is important that I start posting more things to Impromtdude, than just my blog post.
I have wondered why my page doesn’t grow, but now I know. It is because I post the same thing on my personal page, as I do on my blogging page. This means that the traffic can stop, at my page, and totally can skip over my blogging page. But this will change, since now, I will be posting memes, but not only memes, I will also be posting vlogs, videos, songs, Thoughts of the day, and much-much more.
On top of all of that, I will also be adding any fans to snapchat, that way you guys can connect with me easier. I will be posting my snapchat name on my page, so feel free to add me, and share with me. I will be open to sharing anyone’s work, pictures, videos, snapchats, anything, as long as we are all respectful, and have a great time while doing this!
I think that we will be able to grow more, now that we have made these changes. I hope that this page can start growing, again. If it does, then we will continue to do this. I won’t even think of the idea, of this not working, because I know it will. I have some of the best fans, ever, and I know they want something more than a blog, they want something to read, laugh to, and share to their friends, which is what they are going to get!  

Impromtdude @


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