Where are we going?

Posted: May 4, 2016 in Uncategorized
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   Where do we go from here?
I’m not close to where I want to be, when it comes to my blog. I still want to break some big milestones, including 1,000 followers! It is a realistic goal, since everyday I get better at this. I have faith that soon, I will be at 1,000 followers, then it will be time to update that goal. We have a far ways to go, though.
Along with the views, I want to also get my novel written and published. This is a big goal for me and hopefully I will get it done, very soon. This is on my list, but I want to gain a bit more support, on my other stories (Night Crawler Journals and Letters to the chapel,) before I share my novel with you.
Also, as promised before, I do plan on bringing that clothing line out. There was a little hiccup in the processing, one that caused me to postpone the making of the t-shirts. But I do promise, they are coming. I hope by the next 2-months. More information to come.
My friend and I are working on a new page, not for this blog, but for something g close to my heart. The information is strictly confidential, at this point, but once I can share, I will.

   I have been doing this seriously, for only a couple months. I have stopped in the past, and then came back. But if you want to add all the time, then I am a true veteran at this. But since we aren’t, then I am still a rookie at getting the stats. I just recently found out how to tag things, and that you are more likely to gain views if your post has a photo.
   It’s the simple stuff that will get you and will cause you to fail. As a writer, you have to be very detailed, or you will become another number, another stat. I am glad that I found this out before it was too late, luckily I found out, at the beginning of my career, so now I can use my knowledge, and do amazing things, while still growing with that knowledge!
Currently, we are only 27 post away from 300 post, and a handful of views away from 2,000. I can’t believe the numbers, it was like yesterday we started this wonderful blog, now we are almost to 300 post! Holy cow!
   I am excited to grow, and to connect with you, my fans. I have been majorly depressed, but know this, I am doing a lot better! And soon, I will be back to normal!




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