The effects of Social Media; is it all fun and games?

Posted: May 3, 2016 in Uncategorized
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More than 15 million adults use social media to reconnect with old friends, and to stay in touch with fellow family members; but what kind of effect does Social Media really cause? In a research, I found that Social Media has been a great tool to rekindle dormant friendships, eliminates social isolation, and helps one become more creative while also getting more support. But with all the good effects, are there any negative effects? Research suggests Social Media makes one lazy, causes more cyber bullying, and causes one to compare themselves to another.


In June of 2014, 74% of adults were using Social Media. They were said to be using the Social media to reconnect with dormant relationships. Facebook is good for one thing, the fact that everyone has it, and that it is very user friendly. You can search for someone, and three seconds later, you are talking to them through the messaging application. This helps those who moved away (years ago) find their long lost friends. With it being so easy to find old friends, Social Media is now the leading way to keep up with social ties, making it a lot easier to make and keep friends.

It is much easier to express yourself over a computer, which makes Social media a great outlet to get out of Social Isolation. With groups for various things, you can find something you like and discuss it with others, who share your same opinions and/or hobbies. Facebook pages are easy to navigate, and there are discussion boards posted, everywhere. Making it very easy to find what you are looking for. The more groups you join, the more friends you will likely make. It is a fantastic way to build new connections, and make life-long friends.

  46% of adults tend to post original photos, videos, and ideas on their social media. When they post original work, they are considered “Creators.” Where 46% share original work, there are 41% that share work of others, these people are called, Curators. 56% of people do both, which means that more than half of the social media world is being creative; they are using their talents to make art and post it. This allows for people to express themselves more, and for others to gain new ideas, and try new things.

So now we know the good things that come from social media. Social media helps reconnect old friends, but also helps make new friends and connections. Also, it helps more than half of 14 million people, become more creative, through creating and sharing their work to the world. But with every good thing, there has to be some kind of bad, but what could be so bad about reconnecting friends, and helping the quiet express themselves?

Social media gives the idea that you no longer have to try! With everyone, at the tips of your callused finger; one might think they no longer have to go out and make new friends. I mean, why would they? They now can make new friends on social media, which requires no human contact and no effort, also you don’t have to wear pants! Sounds GREAT! But that’s the problem, Social Media makes it too easy to connect with people that one will become lazy, and stay inside, all day.

Even with staying inside, one is still at harm when suffering the news feed, of Social media. There is an enemy that stalks their prey, waiting for the right time to devour their souls. These people are called Cyberbullies, one who uses electronic technology to make fun of others, and they are dangerous! In 2013, 42% of teens were falling victim to cyberbullies. The idea of cyberbullying should make you sick; since 1 of 10 people attempt suicide, this is 20% of cyberbullying victims. With 81% of the cyberbullies saying they do it because it’s easier to get away with, should raise every eyebrow.  The only goal these scum have, is to make others feel inferior and worthless. They will take your pictures, videos, and ideas, and use them against you!

Finally, Social Media makes one compare themselves to others. Girls envy other girls profile pictures, wondering why the other girl has more likes, causing the first girl to fall into a depression, thinking what she has to do to get more attention, when the second girl is living a double life. The second girl is on Social media, posting pictures of her boobs, because she doesn’t have anything else to live for. The likes that pour in, are her only friends. She needs the likes to get her through the day. But since the first girl thinks she has the best life, ever, she will now try to become this girl, leading to a lot of heartache. This is the biggest problem with Social media, people live double-lives in order to get likes. They will post how great their lives are, but in reality, it’s as horrible as someone in depression. They might have money, but they are lacking in a family, or they have a great job, but they have too much debt for it to matter. The problem is simple; people want to be accepted, so they will say and do whatever it takes to get the acceptance.

Social media is an amazing place to meet new friends, by sharing the same interest and opinions. This can be done by joining a new page, or even befriending new people. Also, it’s the best place to reconnect with old friends, that you went to school with. You have an idea, this is a great place to find others to help you grow that idea. Social Media has a lot of great things, but it also can become something that we never wanted. With the risk of becoming anti-social in public, or falling into depression because of arrogant bullies, or simply not feeling like you fit in, because you don’t have everything, everyone else does. Social media is a great place, but it can also be a playground in hell, there are a lot of good effects, but also a lot of things that can lead to a disaster. Be careful when you are on social sites, and don’t post anything that might be used against you, later on down the road.

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