Night Crawler Journals: Before The Cold Hours……..Sneak Peek.

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    It is amazing to see this story doing so well. I am very happy that I chose to rewrite it. It is a few episodes in, nothing too big has happened, yet, but in the next few episodes, you will see a whole different story. But before that happens, lets step back and enjoy a day, before the outbreak. This whole episode is before the snow, but will still have you amazed! It’s a episode you need to read!   
   This episode, we take a step backwards and see what the world was like, before the storm. It starts with a family taking a trip of a lifetime, but this story isn’t a happy one. They enter Montana and get to their cabin, but our survivors are hit with the storm of a lifetime. They are safe inside the cabin, but for how long?
                                                                                                 Sneak peek:
    He leaves it on the station. The national weather team was informing the entire state of Montana, that there is a storm coming, one that could produce heavy snow and strong cold winds. They suggest everyone stay in doors and avoid using transportation, as it could cause major accidents.
“What should we do?” Taylor asks, she sounds nervous.
“We might not be in that area, just keep driving.”
“But what if we die?” Chelsey shouts.


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