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   What has been with me, lately? I haven’t been myself, it’s like something else has taken over, and I can’t control it. Depression has been a strong killer in my life, it’s something that I fight with all the time, and I’m tired of it!
   I want to live my life without being sad, or feeling that I am always drowning. I feel horrible, all the time, and I can’t stop it. I have been fighting a phase, of depression, for a few weeks now. It has been a bad one, it’s been pulling me away from my happiness, but also my passions.
    I haven’t had the passion to write. I have pushed away everything, causing me to lose my happiness. I have been sleeping, alot. I have also started to play ps3, alot more. I see it as a great distraction, away from writing. I need help. I need a good group of friends to help me, a group that will help me conquer this demon.
    I wanted to talk to you guys, in hope that someone will answer my cries, and help me. I hope you don’t judge me, I really do.



  1. I wish I could help you. Unfortunately, I’m in the same boat. I hope you make a great group of friends though that will help you and make you happier. I’m sorry you feel like you’re drowning and I know saying sorry doesn’t really help but I still thought I’d say it.

  2. ahmedjabaifitness says:

    Stay strong! Know that you MUST WANT to be happy to become happy. Happiness is a state of mind, not an outcome. Feel free to check out my posts discussing how I overcame depression and my post describing how powerful perception is. If those do not help, feel free to email me. I am here for anyone!

    • ImpromtDude says:

      Thank you for your reply. You are right, happiness is how you see the glass. You can see it half-empty, and battle everyday, or you can see it half-full and live a prosperous life! I will check out your page, also. Again, thanks for your kind words.

      • ahmedjabaifitness says:

        No need to thank me 🙂 Just telling you what you already know, just needed to hear from someone else. Stay strong my friend.

      • ImpromtDude says:

        It’s still nice to know people care! You are awesome:) thanks, again. I hope you stay strong too 🙂

      • ahmedjabaifitness says:

        You are more than welcome brother! You got this! There WILL ALWAYS be people who care. Remember that.

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