There is a lot of work to be done.

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There is a lot of work to be done!


I haven’t quite got into the routine of writing daily, even with being a month ahead on my schedule of writing. It seems that the more that I get done, the more that happens in life. I was wanting to start my novel, but then as I went to write it, something in life distracted me, and now I am only a week a head of my designated plan of writing, which is very shocking due to the fact that I spent a solid week bulk writing. This comes to show me that I can’t take breaks, as other writers shouldn’t either.
When you are a writer, that is a job itself. This means that you need to put it as a second job, averaging about 20 hours a week, half of a full-time job. If you think of it in a week, that is only 2+ hours a day. If you are a writer, you should be writing about 2 hours a day, anyways. This will keep you up to speed with your writing abilities, and will help you grow as a writer. If you don’t write daily, it will become harder for your brain to come up with ideas when you do right, also. The biggest problem with writing is coming up with the ideas, well that is for me, anyways. If I spend an hour a day writing, I see that I can sit down and write a new post even faster than the day before. Also, the message behind the post seems stronger, ever seen a weak message? That is from two-things; Either the author has no idea what they are talking about, or they haven’t been writing daily.
I saw that over my vacation, my messages came off more clear than days that I wasn’t on vacation. That is from the fact of being able to take more time during post, but also because each day I had a routine of writing. I was spending six-hours writing, each day, well besides the last four days, when I decided to play video games. But when I was writing daily, my productivity was sky high, so was my mental capacity. I saw that the more I wrote, the more I was thinking of greater ways to grow the blog, and my writing alone. The thought process that went into the blog was different than any other time. It seemed that the more I was writing, the smarter that I became. I don’t want to state that as a fact, but I saw the proof, so do quote me, if you would want to!
I am saying all of this, to tell you other promising writers to never stop writing. I want to see the next generation of writers excel more than the last. This is going to be hard, when we have to go against the greats as Stephen Kings, Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, F. Scott Fitgerald, and J.K. Rowling (Though she can be considered a part of our generation, she still is older.) This is not including other greats, but to do so, I would need a whole new blog post. What I am saying, is that all of these amazing authors had one thing in common, they all write daily. They might take a vacation here and there, but most will also post numurous novels a year. I want my fellow author among the greats, but how can we do that, if we all sit with our hands in our pockets, not wanting to write because we had a rough day? We cant, we have to percivere through the trials and write! There isn’t time to willow in our self doubt, wondering if we are good enough, when we need to tell ourselves that, anyway. We are good enough to have our name in with the greats, but with the lack of interest within the current generation, you never will be. But I will be, there is a lot of work to be done, and I am willing to take the desired steps to get the job done, but who is with me.
I don’t want to take this road alone, but I will. I would love for someone to come with me, as the road gets tiring and boring, at times, but I need people that wont give up. I need those who stand out, and that want to work for something. I know, at times, the doubt will kick you, and will hold you down, but it is crucial that you get back up and fight. Writing gives you the advantage among doubt, we don’t have to have friends because we have our beloved characters to keep us sane. If it is doubt that keeps you down, remember that you among the greats, you just need to work harder to get in with them! Doubt is nothing but a lie, don’t fall for the lies.
Writing daily is crucial for those who want to be someone in the writing world. But the problem is that current writers want it giving to them. They don’t want to work for the prizes that lie behind the doors. They don’t want to run the marathon, when that is the best part, instead they want a walk in the park, with the same rewards. That has to stop. Writers! You can’t expect great things, when you do nothing to make it great! Get better, and the way to do that is begin to write daily!

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