Rainfall: The problem with relationships, today.

Posted: April 27, 2016 in Uncategorized
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“Even when the rain falls,
Even when we crash against the wall,
Even when we don’t think we have anything figured out,
I know you’re God’s Angel, and he’s helping us out.”


These were lyrics to an original song by yours truly. It was titled, Rain Fall, and went through rough times in relationships. This song was written from a 16-year-old that was wanting to find love, but every time he got into a relationship, the moment something went wrong, instead of fixing it, he ran. With a little help from a great friend, this young man found that you can’t run from everything, but sometimes you must stand tall, next to your spouse and fight the enemy. After finally beating that idea into my head, I was able to sit down and write this song.
The song was written in my friends apartment, while everyone was at work. I was sitting on the couch with nothing to do. These amazing people didn’t want cable, so when they were gone, I had to find something to do. This is when I would usually work on new songs, or store ideas. So I was sitting on the couch, guitar in my hand, thinking. Thoughts of what that girl said really got to me. At this point in my life, I was seeing a girl that had a lot of problems. She was suicidal, she had health problems, and she was a loner, at school. I saw something in her, though. But as the relationship went on, she got more and more annoying. I grew tired of always hearing about her thoughts, since they weren’t mine. She was an amazing girl, but I had to break it off, which happen to be the day before this song was written.
Single and alone, I felt there was no hope for my love life. I just learned that you had to fight with your spouse, but how was that going to happen if I was single? The answer was that this song was going to help me when I found the right girl, and it did. I thought marriage was going to be like the movies, but it isn’t. Marriage is a nightmare, but a fun nightmare. It has a lot of ups and downs, but that is life, at least now you have someone to fight with, and that is what I learned through this song. After writing this song, I recorded a version and told myself, If I ever find the right girl, this song will be my promise. The night that I met Ariel, was the night this song took into effect.
I stopped this pretty young lady, under the rainy sky, and told her I wanted everything to be different, and we began to date. Even though our lives haven’t been great, I know that we are a crashing wave that is hitting every wall next to the shore, but we are doing it together, that’s what is important. Even though, I have wanted to run, I know that everything will be fine, and that is what keeps me in the relationship, true-passionate love for someone other than myself.
In this generation, we have become lazy. We want everything handed to us, without getting any dirt on our hands. That is what leads to divorce, debt, and suicide. We want a magical elf to come to our rescue, but that isn’t the answer. The answer is this; we have to work for everything in life, we can’t expect life to give us golden eggs, without paying for it somehow. Which comes into love. You can’t expect to have a great relationship with a fear of failing, at the relationship. Once fear settles into your heart, you will run away. You will be to fear driven that you will forget how to fight with your spouse, and how to not fight against your spouse. Anything in life, comes with a price, even love. But if it’s the waves your afraid of, remember this, you have a person to save you, when you fall.

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