I will not turn!!!!!!!

Posted: April 21, 2016 in Uncategorized
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How would I survive the apocalypse?
Eventually, one day, there will be zombie apocalypse. I have a hunch that it will involve drugs, but that’s only a hunch. Maybe, just maybe the zombie apocalypse will have nothing to do with drugs, and I am being a douche, but the signs are pointing towards drugs. There is a big group of people that want the cure for aids and Cancer. There is a group of people that want a pain-solving Mary Jane, and then there are the drugies that experiment. That mostly covers the whole world, some of left out, but a apocalypse only needs a handful of carriers to carry the infection. One infected person can contaminate up to three hundred people just in one day, think if a group or a town got infected, and had no idea! So drugs is the most reasonable answer, most likely a meth lab explodes and the infection becomes airborne. What would you do, though?
I watch the walking dead, I am writing my own zombie book, I have read the books, watched a handful of crappy movies; I think I am ready for this. I am ready to kill every last bastard that stands, and not even feel bad for it. I am scared of the dark, but we all have to have a fear. Anyways, I am ready. I will be the born leader that my dad made me. I will do anything and everything to keep my group safe. That is what separates me with the rest of “survivors,” I am a heartless jerk.
I stand here before you to say, I will beat this apocalypse because I am an ass. I don’t think  I would have a problem blowing off someone’s head, let us be very honest. I am like Rick, from the walking dead, I don’t care who you are, if it means I live, cya later ass wipe. Now, I do think I will have a bit more sanity than him, since my best friend didn’t bang my wife, leaving me fully uncertain if I am the father, or not. This gives me even more leverage over him. I am not a crazy nut, I am just a white-boy trying to survive, until the lazy ass government saves us.
The only problem I will have is, I like to be alone. This means that when other groups come along, you will see a new side of Blake. I don’t like to welcome in guest with open arms, no, I like to take their stuff and push them back out into the dark world. This will be a big downfall, since the apocalypse is more of a multiplayer game, and not as easy as fallout. Maybe, I can change before the end of the time, but most likely I will be camped out, with two people, waiting until they get annoying and I kill them. Then as I kill them, I forget that they reanimate, and limb by limb they rip me apart. Either way, I got this.
I will be some nearby town at the start of the apocalypse. I will be in the small town grocery store, probably fighting some women for the last gallon of chocolate milk, because that is what I am there for. I know there is more important things to get, but those things can make you smile, but chocolate milk can make you laugh! 


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