Sneak Peek: Night Crawler Journals; The long ride home.

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    Tomorrow, we shall take another step in Aeron’s attempt of survival. Not only does he have to worry, for himself, he now has a sick comrade, Leo. With their home a day away, can they survive through the cold, and get home safely? You must read to find out.
      The scenes will begin, where they left off. Our survivors are outside Fairfield, after just mutilating the Crawlers, but something is wrong, Leo is beginning to get dizzy, and light headed. Aeron guesses its from lack of sleep and the cold, but is that it? Or has the guts of the previous Crawler started to weaken his body? But even the beast are not as big of a problem as they might have. A male has found their sleep-away camp, and plans on robbing our men. This episode will take Aeron and Leo, out of their way from their way home.

Sneak Peek:
The door opens, a man stands in the door way, staring at Aeron and Leo, which are cuddled in blankets next to the fire. The man makes his way into the store, and begins to look through their belongings. He finds a few cans of food and some water. He opens his bag and chucks the items in. His eye catches Aeron’s machete on the window seal. He walks over to the window, and grabs the machete. There is a sound behind him. A sound of a gun being loaded. He turns around slowly to see that Aeron is standing there. He has his gun pointed at his face.

Check out the episode tomorrow!


Sneak peek!

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