There were choices to be made!

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   This is the story of the time that I gave up a opportunity to be known, to save some of my own work. This is not intended to make the company look bad, we both came to an agreement, and both of us chose to walk away. I just knew if I took the opportunity, I would be lying to myself, I would be telling myself that it was worth it, when it wasn’t.
   It was six months ago, I opened the door of Impromtstudios. I just got done advertising for one of my good friends. He had a rap group that needed a bit of promotion, so being a good friend, I took the job for free. I told him that I wasn’t going to charge, since this was my third promotion. We both signed the contract and went to work. I finished the blog in a quick three days. I posted the blog, and it gave the band a big jump in views. I was happy with the blog, and chose to see if advertising was something I could do for money, down the road. I wanted to help people in the area get noticed, for free. I knew that either way it was helping me, but since it was free, more artist could come to me. With more people coming to me, the bigger my blog would get, since their viewers would also be looking into it. I was enjoying this, until one night, my friend, Leroy, asked me to promote him. I told him that wasn’t a problem, and sent him three pages of questions for the interview. He then told me that he had a friend that needed a promoter for his company, and that he told him about me. I was ecstatic that my work was sent to someone in a high position, that night I messaged him. He told me that it was going to be an unpaid internship, which I was okay with, and we set up an interview for the job.
   The day before the interview, I checked my webcam, it worked, but when it came down to the interview, it didn’t want to work. It was an awkward interview, to be honest, every time we got into the good questions, he walked away from the computer to do something. I sat there patiently, trying to fix the laptop, then he would reappear. I would then go back talking to him. He was a cool guy. He told me all about his company and what his vision was. This part sold me, I was excited to work for him, until he told me the conditions.
   I am a business man, I know that certain things cant be sad, but he was asking for too much. Let me remind you this was an unpaid internship that might not last. Anyways, he went into the conditions of which I would need to comply to, which at first were okay, he was asking me to change my style of writing for his companies work only. This was fully okay, I was okay with sticking to guidelines. Then he brought out the other conditions, this included dropping multiple segments from my blog.
   This company would have giving me a huge following, and would have helped me get noticed, but he was asking me to send him every post before I posted it, so he can ensure it doesn’t effect his companies image. I was okay with that until he told me that I also had to delete some of my content. He wasn’t okay with me talking about Zombies  (including ‘Night Crawler Journals’) or posting my Letters to the Chapel series. These are two of my favorite segments on this blog, and ones that let me expand my style of writing. I told him I would think about it, and we ended the interview.
   I got off the computer and walked into the living room. My wife was ecstatic to know what was said, but when I told her his conditions, she literally choked. She knows how much work I put into both of those segments. She told me to do what my heart told me to do. I called my father-in-law, which is a Christian, and asked him to dinner so we could talk about this. He told me over dinner that those conditions were crazy and that I should just go on my own. I knew that he was right. I knew that if I didn’t take the position, I would be working up the ladder again, but I also knew that if I chose to work for him I would be miserable. I finally told the guy to look for another writer, and he was okay with my decision. I had to make the hard choice, views over my content. And since I am not in this to get views, I chose to stay strong in my beliefs.  
I might have missed a big opportunity to get noticed, but if I wasn’t happy, then why even post? I have all respect for the company, but they were asking for too much, for an unpaid internship. Maybe someday, I will find a good job for me, but for now I will stay independent. I am much happier now, as a lone wolf, than I ever would have with the position. If you feel uncomfortable with any part of a contract, consult with the company and see if you can do anything. If there is nothing that can be done, it is best to follow your own path!


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