If you can’t fix it, then it isn’t worth stressing over!

Posted: April 13, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I have a feeling, one that is of my heart. One that says, no matter the struggle, I will stand tall. I will overcome anything that the demons have for me. I will do anything to become the person that I know I can be. I will be the one that God made me to be. I will make him proud. That attitude is starting today.
I have always had a negative tone to my voice. It is annoying tone, and one that I wish I could get rid of, but it seems like when something is going good, something stupid happens. I feel that if I have two good days, then that means that I will have three bad days. That is usually what happens, too, but it isnt because bad things happen, though. It is because I will dwell on the bad instead of the good. Little things become big deals to me, on those days. If someone flips me off, as an example, that will ruin my day, and put me in a bad mood. This is how my mind works, and has worked for years. But all this will change, starting today.
I cant be depressed, anymore. I have too much good going for me. I am at the top of where I can be at my job, and I make good money. I always have extra cash at the next paycheck. My bills are always fully paid off, and there is never a question if we will have the money to pay next month. We get to go out, and have fun. We have a warm house. My writing is starting to catch attention of some viewers. I have nothing to stress about, anymore.
I have to get out of this down-mood, or I will never further myself in life. I will have a bad day, and will cut everyone off. But the worse part is; when I get into a bad mood, my blog suffers horribly. I will be angry when I edit the post, and it causes me to think badly of perfectly great work, which in the end is gutted and posted anyways. Then when I simmer down, I look at the support, and wonder why I hated the blog so much in the first place.
But when I was sitting here, I began to think. I wondered why I was always in a bad mood. There was the pattern, listed above, and I knew I needed to change. That is when I began to change for the better. Every time something stupid happens now, I just remind myself of the amazing days that are coming up. This has tripled the amount of Good days I have, in a week. I seem to be happier, and my blog is enhancing due to it. I am proud that I am feeling this way. I know it is needed, and I hope that you guys can take my experience and make your attitude better, as well!   


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