We are of the blogs that work!

Posted: April 9, 2016 in Uncategorized
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We are a big part of blogs that usually work. This means that we are doing very well, and maximizing our chances on getting noticed. With most blogs, they only focus on one thing, which will bring in a lot of people, but there is always a stop to their views. That is because, those people will find what they need and leave. I have been a firm believer that a blog cant stand on one topic or style alone. But they need to branch out and find new styles and topics to express in their blogs. I am proud to say that out of 32 blog types that work, we have practice 18 of them.
1. Interviews
2. Problem fixing
3. Behind the scenes
4. Inspiring stories
5. Funny post
6. Thinking out loud
7. Rants
8. Guest bloggers
9. Stats
10. Previews
11. Search twitter questions
12. Open letters
13. Thankful post
14. Best source of inspiration
15. Aspirations for blog
16. Awareness
17. Recycling old post
18. List.
Some of these types are hidden within post, but are still there. I am showing you this, so if someone asks what impromtdude is you can confidently say; he is a blogger that isnt scared to think outside of the box, and isn’t just about one topic, and isn’t scared to stick to one style. Impromtdude, to me, stands for “A blog that isnt afraid to go places other blogs wont.” 


Impromtdude @ Facebook.com/impromtdude


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