I couldn’t stop, and then she was dead.

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Everyone has a fear, am I right? I am most defiantly right. Even if it is a fear of dying alone, you have a fear. Some fears also might be a fear of eating spicy food, or maybe a fear of a loved one dying. What ever the circumstance, you are afraid of at least one thing in your life. Today, I want to talk about one of my biggest fears…which is a weird one.
A couple weeks ago, I hit a deer with my car. The car was beat up pretty well, but it was still good to drive. The hood now needs to be replaced, but with seeing what those bastards can do, I’m glad that our hood was only damaged. It was a scary situation, though. I was driving home and next I know four deer ran out in front of us. The one that made the most damage was on my wives side of the car. He hit and hold on top of the hood, but then as I stopped, he got off and ran down the hill. Now I heard a few days later, that I was suppose to inform cops about it? Well I didn’t, I wasn’t about to get out of my car with four deer in the distance, while it was dark, so I left.
When we got home, we realized that the deer had taken the headlight with her. The whole compartment was gone, all from one deer. I still needed a headlight, though, so I sat out a plan to go back to the scene and find my dang headlight protector thing. The next night, I was driving back from my wives work, we were going by the scene so I stopped. I put on my hazards and got out of the car, cars were zooming past going fifty-five miles per hour. I didn’t want anyone to stop, so I tried to hurry up. I was out there for my headlight and any other piece of the car, I could find. I found the headlight down the hill, so I made my way down the hill, and grabbed the headlight, that is when I saw her.
I ran back up the hill, threw the headlight in the car. I told my wife that I would be back in a few seconds. She wasn’t a big fan of this plan at the beginning, so you could only imagine how she felt now. Now, that I got what we needed, yet wanted to do more. She tried to stop me, but I shut the door quickly after grabbing my flashlight. I made my way back down the hill to where I saw the little girl. Her ribs were showing, her guts were ripped out. I felt bad, but she got what she deserved….no one hits my car, and gets away with it.
I stood about ten yards away from the doe. I couldn’t get myself to move any closer to take the picture. I have always been nervous that a dead animal would come back to life and attack me. Even as a kid, I always steered clear of dead possums, cats, dogs, rats, animals, people, because you never know when they were going to come back to life, and if they were mad, you would become a non-involved victim. I never had anything happen to me, its just a fear that must have formed from watching Pet Cemetery at such a young age. Either way, I remembered staying far away from the deer that night.
I tried to overcome my fear, that night. I tried to go closer and closer, but then as I got ten yards from it, I heard something run in the woods. I figured that was the soul of the deer, making its way back to the body, which would reanimate the corpse and would have killed me. I quickly snapped a few pictures, and walked away fast. I regained my manliness before I got to the car, so that I could be seen as a badass by my wife, because she would have laughed hard if she knew I just got scared. I got into the car and showed her the pictures. We posted them online, and bragged that the deer paid his price for damaging Marlyn…..the cars name…..not my choice…..don’t laugh……
That is my biggest fear, guys. I am scared to go next to anything dead. I feel that at any minute it could come back to life, and take me to hell with it. I am deadly scared of dying, so death itself must be my fear. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this…..peace. 

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